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Red Sox May Trade David Wells

Buster Olney has the word: the Red Sox are shopping southpaw David Wells.  The 43 year-old has a deserved reputation as a big game pitcher, and any contender would love to have him.

Olney speculates that the Mets, Twins, D'Backs, Padres, Dodgers, Phillies, Cardinals, A's, and Reds could get involved.  I suppose the White Sox, Giants, or even the Marlins could be interested as well.  Did you know Florida is just two games out of the wild card? 

UPDATE: Padres, Dodgers, and Cards are frontrunners according to Nick Cafardo.


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Sounds like a white flag to me!

...yeah well when Mark Loretta is your DH and batting third...that's not really a good way to make a postseason run, now is it?

I can't even get mad like I would if the team was simply underperforming...Varitek, Manny, Ortiz, Nixon, Pena, Clement, Lester, Gonzalez...bad luck, bad timing, strong AL. Hopefully someone gives Boston something useful for Wells.

oh well, the sox had a good 3 year run along with a trophy.

I think the sox season comes back to 2 things.
1) the 18 inning loss to the chisox
2) Varitek's injury

Getting rid of Wells is a good idea. He's somehow the best pitcher on the market and someone may be willing to give up something good.

Maybe the Reds will be desperate enough to trde homer baily. (Before people shout at me that I know nothing about value I know no such trade would EVER happen, then again kearns was traded for majewski)

I don't know much about Matt Kemp, but isn't he highly touted by LA? Despite Wells' playoff record, I think he'll go for secondary talent, considering his age and injury plagued season.

And no, I don't think Homer Bailey will be dealt :), but you're right that the package for Kearns/Lopez seemed weak. At the same time, hasn't Clayton done well for Cinci, and Kearns been mediocre so far for the Nats? (Though I won't deny Kearns' long term potential.)

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