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Rosenthal On Matsuzaka, Igawa, Edmonds

Here's a link to Ken Rosenthal's latest.

Rosenthal confirms Yahoo Japan's earlier story, which indicated that the Braves had interest in Japanese southpaw Kei Igawa.  A Yahoo story had mentioned that Igawa's posting would be contingent on Hanshin signing free agent Hiroki Kuroda, but Rosenthal states as fact that Igawa will be posted.  In addition to Atlanta, we know that the Mariners, Dodgers, Mets, and Tigers have special interest in Igawa. 

Rosenthal also officially adds the Tigers to the list of teams interested in Daisuke Matsuzaka.  While we know every team has scouted him, the Cubs, Angels, Royals, Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Rangers, Orioles, Dodgers, Mariners, and Padres have been mentionally specifically in print.  Yes, I just named half of baseball.

Finally, Rosenthal indicates that Jim Edmonds's "postseason revivial" will make it more likely that the Cards exercise his $10MM option.  Walt Jocketty isn't that dumb, is he?  That his decision could hinge on 15-17 postseason games is ludicrous.


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Edmonds buyout is for $3 million. If he can post an OPS over .800 next season, which would likely be the best anyone in the Cardinals outfield could put up, it seems to me that would be worth the $7 million bucks net it would cost to retain him. If Juan Encarnacion can make $5 million to put up his normal .730-.750 then why not spend the $7 mil on Edmonds?

The Braves interest in Igawa is somewhat shocking to me. I mean, they already have three potential lefty starters (Hampton, James and Ramirez) and a pretty crowded field for the rotation in general. This has to indicate a trade, but considering that Hampton's contract is basically unmoveable and Ramirez pitches about league average for less than what the market pays for that sort of performace now, I have to believe that this means that James might be on the move.

If Chuck is in fact on the block, it has to be for something considerable in return. Seeing as Atlanta is always a player in the offseason trade market, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm curious as to what this sort of a deal could net in return.

I'd doubt James would be on the block given his salary/age. Unless they could acquire a top flight reliever or 2b (assuming Giles is on his way out).
I would think Hudson is being shopped - with any takers demanding a chunk of cash to cover the $33m left on his contract.

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