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Latest On Yankees and Mike Gonzalez

A baseball source indicated to MLBTradeRumors.com that the Yankees and Pirates are working on a trade that could be Mike Gonzalez and Nate McLouth for Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera.  This is backed up by our good friend Jake at Bucco Blog, where Gonzalez, Kennedy, and Cabrera were mentioned in a recent podcast.

Of the four, the player with which I was least familiar was Kennedy.  The right-handed starter celebrates his 22nd birthday today.  Baseball America ranked Kennedy fifth among Yankee prospects.  BA's John Manuel indicates Kennedy has excellent command with an upper 80s fastball and a sinking changeup.  He manages to keep the ball down.  Kennedy is still a ways off from the bigs and should start '07 at high Class A.

I should note that as a 2006 draft pick, Kennedy can't be traded until one year after he signed, which would be approximately July 15, 2007.  Given that a player to be named later must be named six months in advance, the Pirates and Yankees would have to wait about a month to make such a deal official.  After speaking to a couple of baseball guys, I can tell you for a fact that there is precedent for agreeing to trades in December involving June draft picks from the same year.  Kennedy is fair game for discussion.


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can we have Ronny Paulino instead and maybe add another prospect?

I wish...

Giving up Kennedy? I thought we've established that young SP are valuable and shouldn't be traded if they're going to turn out to be half decent.

I wish the Mets would start talking to Pitt about Gonzo. They could easily top that offer from the Yanks.

I thought they couldn't trade Kennedy, cause he was drafted this year. Guess he could be a "player to be named".

If I were the Yanks, I'd jump at that deal. If I were the Pirates there is no way I make that deal, unless they are really concerned about Gonzalez's health. I'm sure there would be more teams looking to add an arm like Gonzalez come july. I really believe that they could get prospects with higher upside than Melky Cabrera. Let's face it, Cabrera will not make the Pirates a competitive team this season. They should be in no rush to make a deal here. Unless they can somehow package Cabrera and get a LaRoche return(a power lefty to protect Bay), why make this trade?

Agreed Mr. Punch.

The only problem with the Yankees side I have are: giving up Kennedy who seems like a good SP prospect (but still in A) and Gonzo's health. Dunno anything about McLouth.

Melky for Gonzalez? Hell Cashman better make that trade.

Because like you just said, they can flip Melky and a dud prospect for LaRoche. That'd give them LaRoche and Kennedy for Gonzalez and thats a sweet deal for them. I've seen a few draft prep videos of Kennedy pitching, I was actually pissed they took him in the first round. There were better pitchers taken after him.

ARod - you're right. The Yankees can't trade Kennedy yet. Teams aren't allowed to trade an amateur within a year of signing them. Sometimes they'll get traded as a PBTNL, but a PBTNL must be named within 90 days. Even if they waited until spring training to make the trade, it would STILL be too early to trade Kennedy. The rumor might be real, but the only way Kennedy can be a part of the trade talks is if the people negotiating it don't know MLB's transaction rules very well.

I doubt Kennedy is actually in the talks, but I wouldn't doubt that Yler Clippard is part of the discussions. He's one of those guys that people seem to love or hate, but he definately fits the mold of the type of pitcher the Pirates have been developing over the past few years.

And by "Yler" I mean "Tyler"

How is it that the Yankees are continually able to trade off borderline prospects for solid major leaguers? Don't other clubs realize hitting in a ridiculous lineup makes guys look a lot better than they really are?

If this deal happens I could then see Melky and Catillo flip for LaRoche. I would like that deal as a Brave fan.Would like Penn and Ray better but could live with Melky and Castillo.

I really dont want the yanks to trade melky, my screename would be a PIRATE!!! EWWWWW!!! And for all you questioning people I KNOW my screename is melyrules, and I KNOW his name is melky, I just made a mistake. Or maybe my screename would be a BRAVE!!!! EEEEEWER!!!

I thought solid, young, closers were a little more difficult to come by than young corner outfielders? doesn't make sense to me. but I don't even know if gonzalez would even be able to pitch in the Bronx. Its not exactly PNC

Baseball writers have said Gonzalez would replace Mariano. Fans may not like that. While some fans may look at it as a good thing. But he might get a round of applause or get booed of the mound.

Gonzalez would have cut down on BB if he's gonna replace Mariano. Besides, the Yanks have 2 perhaps 3 quality relief arms in the minors.

Whelan, Clagget, Cox who're all about a year or two away and who've all been filthy in the minors. I'm sure Mariano's good for another year at the least.

That being said, I'd love Gonzalez if all the Yanks have to give up is Melky.

The tigers made a really stupid deal foe sheffield

FOE=FOR, but it sounds the same so you no what I mean

Good Lefty relief pitching is a premium,while 4th OFs with plus defense are not.So Cashmoney should pull the trigger,especially when you consider the Yankees have OF prospects who project better than Melky.Namely Jose Tabata,and Austin Jackson if he can hit for a better average,and Urena if he is not a dud.Although Tabata and Jackson are 2-3 years away,and Urena I'm unsure of.

Kennedy won't be moved this soon,and Clippard would have to be moved for something better than a RP.Steven White or Jeff Karstens is much more believable than Clippard or Kennedy.

If Kennedy were involved, he couldn't be traded until a year after his signing date.

I think it would resemble Jeremy Bonderman's trade to Detroit. He signed on Aug 22, 2001. The Weaver deal was decided on July 5, 2002.

The 90 day thing is new to me though...I will have to read up on that.

I am reading that the PTBNL must be named within a six month timeframe. So Kennedy would have to be named by May 19th but isn't eligible for trade until at least June.

Could Cashman and Littlefield make a handshake agreement and then wait a few weeks to submit the deal?

It wouldn't be the first time... At least a deal would be in place for Littlefield to, at a minimum, fall back on in case a better one doesn't follow..

I actually can't believe that he can't get more for Gonzalez in this market...

If you were the Pirates wouldnt you be trying to package together a deal for Alex Rios instead ???

A 4th OF for a high level lefty out of the pen?

Sign me up for that.

But I cant see Cash giving up Kennedy. He wont trade the high level pitching prospects.

Kennedy signed around July 15th, 2006, so he couldn't be named until January 15th or so.

So the teams would be discussing a deal 34 days in advance of when they could make it official. Beats me whether that is realistic.

Yeah I talked to a couple of guys and updated this post. There is precedent for this; Kennedy could certainly be in discussions currently.

"I wish the Mets would start talking to Pitt about Gonzo. They could easily top that offer from the Yanks"

The mets have no use for this guy. At all.Heilman Sanchez and Wagner are the 7 8 9 guys. Why trade for another closer? Feliciano is the 6th inning guy can do 7th or 8th. He no longer only faces lefties. Mota will be back in 50 games. We have Burgos and Adkins. Gonzales would be a complete waste.

I'd have to disagree. Heilman doesn't want to be a reliever and I don't agree with the idea of forcing a guy against his will. Sanchez had a major injury last year and after Wagner, Gonzalez is better then ALL those guys. Gonzalez is also way better then Feliciano, who's the mets only lefty. Burgos has done nothing at all, and Adkins is below average. If the mets could make a fair deal for him then they should absolutely use it. I don't care how good your bullpen is, Gonzalez is good enough to be a setup man for every single team in baseball.

One way to balance out having such shaky SP (Glavine, El Duque, Maine, Perez) Would be to hoard as many good bullpen arms as possible. If your SP only have go six innings, especially with that offense, thats a sweet setup.

Gonzalez would be the yanks set-up man right? Where does that put farnsworth? I SAY, we just trade farnsworth within the deal so we dont have to pay two hard throwing set-up man's contracts. Gonzo is WAAAY better than farnsworth. And the pirates would just use farnsworth as there closer, but thats just a thought.

The Yanks need this guy, a shut down lefty? think about it, the Yanks face big pappi 19 games a year, and if the Red Sox pitching is as good in real life as it is on paper than the Yanks are going to have to go into what used to be known as "Pedro Mode", keep it low scoring and try and get D-Mat out of the game by the 7th.

with the yankees lineup, d-mat will get CRUSHED.

what, what do you mean?

"I'd have to disagree. Heilman doesn't want to be a reliever and I don't agree with the idea of forcing a guy against his will. Sanchez had a major injury last year and after Wagner, Gonzalez is better then ALL those guys. Gonzalez is also way better then Feliciano, who's the mets only lefty. Burgos has done nothing at all, and Adkins is below average. If the mets could make a fair deal for him then they should absolutely use it. I don't care how good your bullpen is, Gonzalez is good enough to be a setup man for every single team in baseball."

Um, well I dont care if Heilman wants to relieve or not, he is in the bullpen, so i dont care what he wants to do. Sanchez was lights out last year and will be back by atleast may, if not opening day. Mota will also be back. Burgos is there, and wont have to be a closer like he was in 06. Feliciano was unhittable last year. Say what u want about adkins but people were saying the same things about bradford last year. Adkins 06 numbers and bradfords 05 are basically the same thing. Dave williams will be in the pen, padilla may be back, joe smith will be ready soon. I wouldnt give up any talent at all to get gonzales to pitch in the 5th inning

It's amazing that Mike Gonzalez is being rumored at all. This trade with the Yankees makes no sense.

The Mets don't want Gonzalez cause he isn't 35 years old....

Oh really, but now what happens to the rumors omar will sign anybody hispanic? Fucken idiot. Wright Reyes Beltran Milledge Maine PErez Soler Pelfrey Humber Mulvey Ahernandez, yup these guys are all 35, what team to u root for? Idiot

That deal is ass for the Bucs. I can't believe Littlefield can't get more for Gonzalez. McLouth is better than Cabrera. The only difference is that McLouth plays for the Pirates, and Cabrera plays for the Yanks. I don't find Kennedy's college stats exactly mindblowing. This is supposed to be the prize for dealing Gonzalez? Bleh. Perhaps the Yankees prospect mystique is getting to Littlefield. And now Cashman has somehow managed to expand that aura by creating the illusion of exclusivity (now that he's finished spreading Yankees' seed around like he's in a Ron Jeremy flick). "If you act quickly, your team, too, can own your very own Yankees prospect!" I bet that gives Littlefield all kinds of warm fuzzies inside. Kind of like Bavasi and how the Batista signing made him "feel so good."

Half of the Mets is full of guys 30 or older. then, the rest is near 35. [Green, Delgado, Wagner, Valentin etc.) Now, they want Ruben sierra? They had Limatime for awhile too. How many old fogies can they drudge up?

Mulvey, by the way, is NOT part of the team, he isn't even on the 40-man Roster.

do people really count guys part of a team if they pitch less than half a season and or 1 inning?

(ie: Humber, Soler). I sure wouldn't.

by the way, I have to chime on the fact, "you can't have enough good arms."

The Mets don't NEED Gonzalez? Excuse me?

half the pitching staff went under, and they were forced to use guys like Oliver Perez (decent, but very very erratic), Limatime, Geremi Gonzalez,....need I go on?

No one is even sure if Burgos or Adkins will be effective. Or how Sanchez will do on his return from the injury.

Mike Gonzalez would be an excellent addition to ANY bullpen.

And, honestly, how can you be 100% confident in this pitching staff?

Cuz i can be, I am not a fan that whines all day about what my team should do. Especially when we had the most wins in baseball last year. No other team has done anything drastic to get better, and I am not worried. How would gonzales help if a starter went down. Why would you give up talent for a guy who is unnecesarry. Oliver Perez will be in the starting rotation and im fine with that. Better then paying 100 million to Barry Zito. Better then having Steve Trachsel. The Mets had 14 different pitchers start games for them in 06, lots of them scrubs, and they still dominated the league. I dont need to worry.

Coming from the guy who was so sure about Robinson Cano... i am 100% convinced that Ian Kennedy will never amount to the type of ML starting pitcher that Yankees would ever want to enter a season with in their starting rotation. And I say this after only seeing a 15 second scouting clip and looking at his numbers. But I was very much not impressed. I think the guy's upside is as a marginal 4-5 starter. Deal him now, while the first round association is still strong.

theres no reason for the yanks to keep melky if they can get gonzalez for him. Gonzo has plenty of upside and will be groomed to be the closer when mo retires in a couple years. he is only 28 and this would provide the 8th-9th innings the yankees really havent had since mo closed for wettland.
and the yanks don't need to hold on to melky. the way the market is going, they will definately be picking up abreu's option next year. this would make melky a 4th outfielder for at least 2 years. by then others guys like tabata will be ready. dont think they'll be able to get much better than melky thyan gonzo in those 2 years. trade him when his stock is the highest.

for pitsburgh, this would be a pretty good deal. they need a good defensive outfielder who can put a good numbers. melky would do that. he wont put up great numbers, but if u can succeed playing in NY, pit should be easy, bet his numbers rise a little if this trade goes through. pit can prob get someone better for gonzo, but this would still be a good deal for them; besides what good is having a closer, if hes not gonna be used anyways - there not contenders this yr at all

*when mo set-up for wettland

Theres no way gonzalez will be as good as Gordon or even stanton/nelson back in the day.

How would trading a top lefty closer for a 4th OF with a decent stick and a nice arm be an equal trade for both sides. Melky Cabrera = Endy Chavez. 4th OF, very good at what he does, if he keeps playing every day he will get exposed, belieedatttt

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