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Mariners Trade Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez

Bill Shanks of Scout.com is reporting that the Mariners have traded reliever Rafael Soriano to the Braves for Horacio Ramirez.  He also mentions that Atlanta is close to an Adam LaRoche for Mike Gonzalez swap.

The first rumor, if true, seems a steal for the Braves.  Soriano would automatically become Atlanta's best reliever, Wickman included.

The second trade has been tossed around for some time but it was said that Dave Littlefield wouldn't surrender Gonzalez.

UPDATE: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Bucs will make this deal, but the Braves are waiting to verify Gonzalez's health.  Particularly, his left elbow.


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I call shenanigans. That trade is horrible. Mariners giving away an excellent reliever for a "umm who?" starter at best.

Its official... I can run a baseball franchise and collect 81 wins. These people are morons.

Hope Cashman atleast tried to offer Pavano + boatload of cash for Rafael.

Well done to the braves. If they get Gonzalez that'll be a great move too.

Wow, whata great move by JS. This is highway robbery if infact it is true

Excellent deal for the Braves.

Word is that JS is holding up the LaRoche for Gonzalez because of worries about of worries about an elbow (Gonzalez missed the final five weeks of 2006).

What a steal! We should have sent Bannister there for Sori... lol

why do the Braves need Gonzalez with Wickman and Soriano now in the fold? LaRoche had a great year lasy year. He has to be worth more than Gonzalez.

By the way, great trade for the Bravos getting Soriano.

As a braves fan I hope to God this is true, Soriano for our often injured underachiever, they can have him. Frees up a little payroll too. Great trade.

Wow, WTF were the mariners thinking?

First off, bravo to JS for this. It really shows how desperate the M's are and possibly some desperation and maybe an early sign they aren't getting meche. Horam can be slightly above average IF he stays healthy, big IF. If they get both of these guys, what a pen. This will go from one of the worst to one of the best in a matter of one offseason.

and whoever else we would use. This should be much more fun then watching them blow like 500 of just Smoltz's saves last year

Why does it seem like the Braves so intent on trading LaRoche? Who steps in at 1B?

They have a couple of guys in the minors I believe who can step in.

To echo BalloonNot: I that each of us can think of Horacio Ramirez-type players on our own rosters that we'd give up for Soriano.

Mine: Brad Hennessey

well Lord knows JS is smarter than anyone when it comes to putting a team together.

Maybe the Mariners are worried about Soriano coming back to what he was, before getting the line drive off his dome.

Scott Thorman steps in at first. He proved he could handle it when he was called up last year. In 55 games, he had 30 hits, including 11 doubles, five homers, and 14 RBIs. He's young, strong, and the perfect man to fill first for Atlanta.

Great trade to get Soriano for HoRamirez. Ramirez has been nothing but a liability for Atlanta, and his departure clears up a rotation spot for Chuck James.

I should also mention that in several of the 55 games Thorman played last year, he didn't hit. Late inning defensive replacement.


Soriano for Horacio Ramirez, I'd LOVE to see the U.S.S. Mariner boards right now.

are you serious? We get a great reliever for a guy who could be a one year fluke. Plus our most major league ready prospect with some of the most power potential in the minors is... a first baseman. Both great trades for JS

Im gonna echo everyone else and say that the HOram for Soriano trade is a typically great JS move. He always does it, and i hope that doesnt stop anytime soon. Anybody else always get the feeling that when he does make a trade, you immediately think, oh yea why didnt i think of that guy, thats a great move. As many of you may now, I am a big laroche fan. I feel that he is going to have a great future. However, as time as passed, i feel that this trade may be the best one out there. Thorman i think can put up numbers close to what laroche put up in 05, and we also have daryl ward in the mix as well. The one thing to remember is how much joy it is to know that our bullpen will no longer be a concern. If we keep laroche thats great, if we get gonzalez thats great. I believe that our team will have had a ssuccessful day either way. Like i say i just hope that we dont overvaule a bullpen to the point where we trade away a valuable piece of our future. However, i am happy because know i am excited and can live with these moves. Great job JS.

Er, yeah. Absolutely shocking. THIS is the worst move of the offseason.

The only problem is the Braves will likely keep Wickman in the closer role when he's now the 3rd best reliever on the team. What a bullpen!

Oh, and the Pirates will probably make Torres the closer over Capps. Ugh.

Horrible trade by the mariners. It isn't even like they are cutting salary to sign anyone. I really don't get this at all.

We get a great reliever in Gonzo, sure, but we have to give up one of the best young players in the league, a guy who had a better year than ARod, Aramis, Wright, Soriano, Delgado, Sizemore, Utley Jeter, Wells, and more? He's our best hitter outside of Chipper, and that kind of offense isn't found on the sidewalk in the Atlanta suburbs.

"a guy who had a better year than ARod, Aramis, Wright, Soriano, Delgado, Sizemore, Utley Jeter, Wells, and more?"

I wanted to stay away but I just can't. OPS is good, but we have to move on sometimes. Consider the position these guys play, for starters. Look at VORP, and keep in mind that LaRoche only showed that power for a half a season, and the 2nd have BA is not really supported.

But that said, I agree he is a good player, and I'm undecided about that trade, so I don't entirely disagree.

I guess this officially ends any possibility of a Manny for Beltre (or Sexson) & Putz deal.

Seattle is an awful organization. Which is run more poorly: Seattle or Baltimore?

"Seattle is an awful organization. Which is run more poorly: Seattle or Baltimore?"

The Cubs?.................just kidding...but not really.

Wow, the Mariners are f****** retarded!

The Braves' bullpen suddenly looks a lot better. However, as an NL-only owner of Mike Gonzalez, I kind of want to shoot myself now.

If both trades are true, then this is an incredible job on the part of Schuerholz. I just hope Thorman is as productive as the hype says.

I hope the Braves let Wickman and Gonzo compete for the closer spot, but I doubt that'd happen after Wick just signed a deal with ATL to be their closer basically.

Now find a way to get Hudson/Giles to the Orioles for Penn/Roberts and we've got a pretty solid turnaround. Of course, Angelos won't approve of any such deal...as he already vetoed one before...but I can dream.

"The Boston Red Sox are still working the Manny Ramirez angle, having asked the Mariners for closer J.J. Putz, top prospect Adam Jones and another player in return."

I mean, why not? The Mariners have already shown they don't give a shit about their bullpen.

make the 3rd player Felix, i mean why not, right?

I hope Omar is dialing the Mariners right now throwing offering our Alay Solers of the world....

Soler cant be worse than Horacio.

If they love Horacio cuz he's a lefty, offer up Niese.

I personally think Horacio has a lot more to offer baseball than he has, BUT,


If the Mariners throw in Felix, maybe the Sox would be willing to part with Matt Clement.

I am an M's fan.

Word on our end is that this rumor is being denied by both the Braves and the Mariners.

If it goes down, you can continue to bash the M's for being dumbasses.

But I think this is bunk. Why would the M's do that? And if so, why would they deny it?

If the Mariners throw in Felix, maybe the Sox would be willing to part with Matt Clement.

No, no way.

If you believe every Mariners rumor the only players they are gonna have left to start 07 are King Felix, Ichiro, and Ibanez. Ive seen rumors with Putz, Sexson, Soriano Jeremy Reed, and others im probably forgetting.

Felix alone is worth Manny.

I guess i need to write *THIS IS AN ONGOING JOKE* in the future.

Honestly the dumbest move of the offseason.

Does Seattle need outfielders? The Yanks have this guy named Melky and wouldn't mind trading him for, say, Felix.

Message to the Mariners: Give me the GM job. I promise I won't waste 150 million on two players and I come with a "fans won't want to kill themselves due to my moves" guarantee. This also applies to: Orioles, Cubs, Expos, Pirates, Royals and any other downtrodden team.

Thanks for airing that public service announcement.

This Seattle deal must not be for real.

If this deal turns out to be bunk, I will expect each of you cheeky Boston/Yankees fans to apologize for bashing my club.

If it does go through, you should send an email to your respetive teams to ask about Felix.

I just can't believe that Bavasi would do something this idiotic.


way to go JS awesome deal i h8 Haracio Ramirezand i like Ssoriano it made me cringe when he got hit by Vlad. i also like th second deal, but my only concern is ho will pay first? will it be Thorman or will we sign a guy like Hillenbrand or trad for ayber Teixeira.


This site is from mlb.com, in the Day 3 whispers and at the bottom of the page it reports both of the trades as at least being talked about. And i mean, shanks was correct about the laroche and gonzalez trade, but then again he also reported that glavine had received a contract offer from the braves, when all the other sites said that glavine himself said he had never received an offer. I hope the soriano trade does go through, but at least this rumor does seem to have at least some legs under ut.

Rotoworld has a great finishing line:

"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's David O'Brien says the Rafael Soriano-for-Horacio Ramirez deal between the Mariners and Braves is a done deal.
Unbelievable. Maybe it's really Soriano to Atlanta for Ramirez and the compromising pictures John Schuerholz has of Mariners GM Bill Bavasi. Anything as long as it's not truly a one-for-one deal."


Here is another site that says Dave Obrien the braves reporter for the AJC, has confirmed that this deal is a done deal. They have a link to the stroy in the AJC, but I want to quote many of the readers who quoted on the AJC site, if we get soriano, im not so sure that we need to trade laroche to get another reliever as well, but gonzalez and soraino being with wickman would be a pretty sweet bullpen. And yea i agree, why not go out and sign hillibrand, of course my thinking is that we just may not be able to afford him. But again, Rotoworld is reporting the AJC as saying both of these trades are gonna happen.

I wonder if adding Gonzalez is a pre-empter to another trade. Give the Bucs the 1B they want ... then swing Gonzalez to a team in need of a closer?

The deal makes even less sense considering the reports that Putz is untouchable even though arguably Soriano has better numbers and age on his side.

I highly doubt that happens because JS's concentration this spring was returning our staff to prominence, and with these two trades he has accomplished that. Take from me, a guy who watched at least 20 of those 26 blown saves last year, you can never have too much bullpen depth. Just look at how much baltimore is spending for their bullpen. The fact the braves are able to go from a bullpen that was the team's glaing need to a bullpen that now has maybe in of the best pens in the majors is simply amazing. So i think that we keep soriano and gonzalez.

the braves are gona be bad ass.....

i hate them as a Mets fan, but I love them as a baseball fan.

scheurholz is the master.

Bravesbeat, I agree. HOWEVER. My point is that the Braves now have 3 legit closing options, and could demand quite a lot on the trading market (because they don't HAVE to trade them-- same with the Manny situation). And justifying a move by comparing it to a Baltimore decision never legitimizes anything.

But I have to agree, the Braves have a lethal bullpen. Should Wickman get hurt or retire next year, he's still going to be a great mentor to the other arms. I'm from Cleveland, and there was a lengthy interview I saw with him once where he discussed that at this point in this career, that's something he'd love to do (teach a younger pitcher how to close).

If both trades happen, AND the Braves keep RS and Gonzo, they'll have a pen as mighty as the Angels'. Innings 7-9 will be taken care of most nights. And they can trade Giles for whatever makes sense to fill out the roster.

The JS bashers on the AJC blog can drink their warm milk now and go to bed.

Yea i see what ur saying, but heck who cares, lets be glad about the stregth we have. Just think 50,55,60,65 times this year, we may be able to see a variation of gonzalez, soriano, and wickman in the 7th, 8th, 9th.
I tell ya im pretty stoked. But hey I mean I dont see why the braves dont trade all three of them, get some great prospects, and stick devine at the back end of the rotation.

Preach on henderson

Oh well, DOB at the AJC now says the Gonzo deal is off. LaRoche and Giles are still trade bait, however, as salary-cutting moves.

Just as well, in one way, because Devine, Startup, Boyer and McBride look like young studs in the making in that pen. Cheap ones, too.

"The JS bashers on the AJC blog can drink their warm milk now and go to bed."

nice line. wish i thot of it.

Is it me, or am I the only Brave fan against trading LaRoche for MGon? Gonzalez was hurt, so you never know how he is going to come back. IMO, Soriano/Wickman is a great combo, so there really is no need for Mike. I think that we should continue discussions with the Angels.

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