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Schmidt Deal Not Done?

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Cardinals have been told there's no deal yet for Jason Schmidt.  This is as of 4:14 CST today.

I quote:

"DeWitt and Jocketty have been told that there's no deal yet -- and that they (Schmidt and his agents) would like to still have discussions.... so as far as the Cardinals are concerned, there's still reason to have discussion with Schmidt's agents... and I am told the Cardinals are making a 'strong" offer.'"

This would be quite a development, as the deal has been reported all over.


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Wow... What would this do to the Dodgers?

Would love to see the Cubbies sneek in and sign him out from under the Dodgers.

Imagine the Dodgers went and trade Penny already and then lost out on Schmidt too.

heh, one can dream.. cant they? lol

dave this rumor has nothing to do with the cubs.

"We do not have a deal," Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said.

DePodesta wouldn't have let this happen

This is a done deal. Its on ESPN.com, FoxSports.com, Dodgers.com and Giants.com. How many more sources do you need for a done deal??

umm u need a signed contract

A done deal?

So the gm of the team signing the guy says it isn't, but the internet is, you choose the internet?



If Schmidt isn't signed this rumor is about every team that has expressed interest in Schmidt.

Big news - pettitte will pitch.


Him deciding now suggests that the Yankees will be serious players and that he wanted to get in before the Yanks blew their load on ted lilly.

That Soriano deal is a great move by the Braves, and add Mike Gonzalez to that? Bob Wicmann is ok. Damn, creating a nice little bullpen in Atlanta.

When did "the gm of the team signing the guy" say that? I've seen nothing except ScottBrosius' post.


Don't know when he said it. Here is the link:


"dave this rumor has nothing to do with the cubs."

The best comment on the board in the last 6 months..

Thank you Iloveraykim....

The entire universe doesn't always have to be about the misguided Cubs and their frivilous spending spree that will net them a 3rd place finish next year...

Anytime I can take a poke I do at this point...

The universe revolves around the Cubs, don't you know that? You don't have to be sore about it.

"The universe revolves around the Cubs"

I guess the playoffs is part of another universe?

That's funny phils, you should check your keyboard cause everything above your handle came out 'blah blah blah.' Anyway, I'm sure everything you posted was very sensical.

Guys... this seems to be as done as any deal without the medical signoff. It can get changed, but not likely.


read the article people. Schmidt stated he was signing but Colleti did not comment. He has not commented on any deal until it was finalized yet.

God people, who cares what the internet says...nothing is final until the name is on the line.

Also, I understand the world does not revolve around the cubs, but if this deal is not done...is it only open to the cardinals and dodgers or is it open to all teams?

Can someone let us Cubs fans have a little off season optimism before reality sets in around April 10th?

Seriously, we don't ask for much. Why do so many people hate the Cubs. Is it because there are so many people passionately living and breathing Cubs for all these years no matter how bad we are? Thats devotion that I don't think many other franchises in any sport can claim to have in a fan base. I understand hating the Yankees and to a lesser extent the Red Sox because they spend the big bucks and swipe players from small market teams all the time, but they actually turn around and whip your ass with those players after the get them. The Cubs just end up with 4 Todd Hundleys and Mel Rojas for every Derek Lee. Sure every 8 or 9 years we might manage to make the playoffs, but between that its not like the Cubs are giving fans of other teams fits every time they play them. Hating the Cubs is like hating the geek with the taped together broken glasses who gets beat up every recess. Everyone laughs at his pathetic attempts to fight back most of the time, but the one time he manages to land an actual blow on the bully everyone cheers for the guy. Why can't it be that way for how the rest of MLB's fans treat the Cubs?

Allaboutthephils is a secret cubs lover that bashes them non stop and says the same thing over and over. And he loves the cock.

If I was a Phillies fan I would be hoping that someone would make a trade offer for Utley or Ryan Howard...because the only way they are ever gonna unload that waste of space called Pat Burrell is by tricking someone else into taking him as an add on to a deal.

Adam Eaton

"And he loves the cock."


I still hold out hope that the Mets come in and sweep Schmidt away.......

...it's a very small hope, but it's a hope.

A few years ago, a young man had a dream that we'd sign BOTH Beltran and Pedro, and my daddy Omar made it come tru.

Nothing wrong with cub fans. I just think they are piecing together a team like steve phillips did with the mets. Cmon zito sign already so i can stop refreshing this page every 5 minutes

Are you kidding me Gleebo? Don't give me that whining spew. "Why do so many people hate the Cubs?"

Waaahhhh! Poor you. The Cubs are probably the most well-liked team in baseball now that they're the only underdog left to cheer for.

I don't care about their 'story.' No one but soccer moms care about "lovable losers." They're a boring team and the fans' idea of "hardcore devotion" involves getting piss drunk off Old Style and being obnoxious in the bleachers.

Then again, I AM a Cardinals fan living in Chicago. It gets old defending an 83-78 team winning the World Series three times a week.

Great post gleebo, seriously, a really good post. The thing that annoys me is cub fans who think soriano and mark derosa means WS right now!!!
I dont hate the cubs, andi agree, best fan base in sports, during the bad times and the good (not very many good, but you see the point). The rest of us are just trying to get some reality in here and tell the delusional cub fans that the playoffs arent out of reahc in 06... but not very likely either


I can't speak for the whole Cub Nation, but you shouldn't have any trouble defending your 83-78 team in Chicago. All you have to do is say "World Series Champions" and that should end the discussion.

We may not like the fact that the Cardinals won the world series but any Cubs fan with half a brain respects the fact that they did. You can't argue definitive results, so the Cubs fans giving you shit about this shouldn't be allowed to call themselves Cubs fans.

Congrats on the WS title, and good luck with an even bigger target on your back in the NL Central. It should be a fun 2007 season.

I am a Cubs fan and I agree that the Cubs will probably not win the division next year. But Cubs fans are just happy the trib is spending some of their vast fortunes. Look at last year, the Cubs may win 83 games. THe Cards r not exatly getting better...yet

I'm waiting for 08

barron thats the way to look at it, with the right moves, the cubs could be a powerhouse in 08, if the right pieces to the puzzle are added

I agree Gleebo. Cub fans should tip their hat to the hated, but Champion Redbirds

Nrmax, you have been saying cubs fans thinking those signings means we are going to win the WS. Are you talking about people on here or in person? Because I am on here too and havent seen anyone say that. Even if some have not all of us have. Maybe you should worry about your mets and quit worrying about what cubs fans think. Your mets arent guaranteed anything either.

dammit stop being nice to eachother... wheres bsox where u need him,

"The universe revolves around the Cubs"

"I guess the playoffs is part of another universe?"

Scott Brosius that was one of the coldest comments ive ver seen on this page that wasnt bsox related.

oh and ptk420biatch i dont think u should insult the Mets as a Cubs fan. That just stupid, but i understand the Cubs and Cardinals respect schingig and im a Braves fan and i have great respect for wat the Marlins and Mets did this year, not so much the other ones

u stupid fucking moronic monkeys!!



always there when u need me bravesfan....

I think it's a done deal,we have 4 different place that say it's done and one that say's it not.....Yes I'm a Dodger fan but I think one more year at 40 mil wouldn't do it.We are paying him 37mil for 3 years 3 mil for a EX year wouldn't make him think about going to a different place

The other thing is he want's to play for a west team,If you add a other year and it was a 4 year 63mil I could see him thinking about it if you offered that....Comes to 15.77

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