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White Sox Retain Podsednik

The White Sox decided to hang onto Scott Podsednik for the time being, re-signing him for one year and $2.9MM.  I think it's the right choice even with his lackluster 2006.  In an environment where Juan Pierre is worth 5/44, Pods should have some trade value for his age 31 season on a cheap one-year deal.

Perhaps the Braves or Nats would have interest at the right price.  And, of course, the White Sox could just keep him for one more season.  Their offense isn't hurting for a big bat, and using Podsednik as a fourth outfielder wouldn't be the end of the world.


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A little birdie told me the Whitesox are gonna trade Scotty Po back to the Brewers for Kevin Mench.

Kevin Mench has widdle feeties.

If it's true, that would be a good trade for the White Sox. I like Mench and Scottie Pods doesn't fit into their 2007 plan. Whatever happens, I get the feeling that this signing has trade written all over it.

Why no arb. offer on this one, though? Would Pods really have won an award in the $3mm range, or is Ken Williams just making sure he's got him signed for the winter meetings in case a deal arises?

Any idea on what kind of offer the sox would want for Podsednik? I assume its not much so it might be a worthy risk for a team with a need for a lefty leadoff hitter...once lofton is of the market...ahem their friends up north.

White sox trade idea...

Vasquez or Garcia

Akinori Otsuka

Sox dont need offense, they dont need starting pitching, so they would prob go after bullpen help. The rangers need a starter, but who knows if they would part with Otsuka

What do you guys think?

They don't need otsuka. They obviously think they have a deep enough bullpen or they wouldnt have traded cotts to the cubs earlier this offseason.

What the sox really need is a CF. Brian Anderson is terrible. Trading a starter to the mets for milledge makes much more sense.

Kenny Williams was just quoted as saying Pods will be the LF and lead off man, but I don't believe him. Pods has fallen out of favor with Williams and that has always led to a trip out of town (see Mags Ordonez, C-Lee, and Frank Thomas).

I'd rather see the White Sox trade one of their pitchers for Brian Giles & a prospect.

NewJersey if thats trur my opinion of Kenny just fell off a cliff. This is NOT a good signing.

I wish there was some new anyone cared about...

I wish there was some news anyone cared about...

If Jim Hendry could pull off a trade with the White Sox for one of their starters. How about Podsednik, and either (Buehrle, Garcia, or Vasquez) for Murton, Cedeno, and Jones. The Sox need a shortstop after the off season trouble Uribe is in, and they need plug two outfield spots. The Cubs then try to pull of another trade or trades for another starter or two and a lefthanded hitting outfielder (Cliff Floyd).

But wait, we already have enough strikeouts coming from one outfield spot (Soriano) Floyd may not be a good choice.

i think the sox could get a better deal then that from the mets or rangers... but i definately think the will trade a starter no matter what

Are the red sox going to give coco a second chance? maybe they can deal him for pods and a prospect/pitcher.

Uribe is not in any trouble

Just about the only thing the Sox really need is some kind of offense from either left or center, and more bullpen help certainly can't hurt anyone. Since everyone needs starting pitching, there is no absence of trading partners.

Since clearly it will be a lot tougher to get offense from CF, Anderson's defense is still good, and though he was awful in 06, he still has a chance to develop offensively (good tools and very good K/BB rate prior to 2005, and 3 to 1 is not awful for a rookie anyway).

Keep Pods as a 4th OF who can play CF (important) and pinch-runner. Get a LF and either prospects or a reliever for a starter - either Vazquez or Garcia seems most likely.

Given that their contracts are suddenly reasonable, they should get a bona-fide (i.e. ~850+ OPS) left fielder in return.

Names that stick out:

Ibanez - probably no chance

J. Jones - depending on who else the Cubs included

Burrell - depending on how much $ the Phillies included, assuming the Sox can live with his defense (Pods can replace him late)

Maybe even Dunn, but I think the Reds have to get offense back too, so this is highly unlikely.


Maybe the best thing to do is sign Luis Gonzalez and trade a starter for prospects (or not even trade a starter).

Guys check this out this is nuts there is supposedly some situation where Boras wants to buy out Matsuzaka from Seibu for 25 million or something and make him a free agent. I dont really get it but here.... its from http://hotfoot.metsblog.com/

NJ.com's Yankees Blog, Pride Of The Yankees, reports a crazy scenario that is rumored to be developing that could make Daisuke Matsuzaka a free agent.

Okay guys, here's what I've heard through the grapevine on this...The Red Sox will hold out trying to lowball Dice-K [Matsuzaka]. And when I say hold out, I mean to the point where it becomes it was obvious just a blocking manuever to keep him from the Yankees. He wants $15Mx3Y, sox are offering 8Mperx4Y, "oceans apart". I've been told that if the Sox knew the Mets had the second highest bid ($38M), higher than the Yankees ($32M), they never would have bid $51.11 to win him. That comes from a very good source. Moreover, what I heard from the same source who is close to negotiations that what will happen is that Selig, Boras, and Seibu have a deal in place, where Boras pays Seibu $25 mil (1/2 the Red Sox bid) and he owns the rights to Matsuzaka, and puts him on the market BY X-MAS for the highest bidder, and Selig has signed off on it...

This sounds way too crazy to be true, but I wanted to post it just out of appreciation for the very creative mind who came up with this wild scenario

I doubt any of this is true, but it makes for a good rumor topic

Pods can replace Burrell late? Pods is far from a good fielder, so I wouldn't bank on him doing the fielding in late innings.

Jones/Moore for Garcia?

The cubs don't need a 3B prospect now that they have ramirez locked up and the sox could certainly use someone to replace crede. Seems like it makes sense for both teams.

I say the White Sox should make a trade with Cinci involving a starter and Ryan Freel. To me, that fills their biggest need. They get a leadoff hitter who gets on base, and they get an excellent defensive OF who can help out the defense-reliant staff. Cinci also gets what it needs..ie. pitching

Other than that, all the Sox really need is a backup catcher, and probably a LH reliver.

Uribe didn't have the best offensive year, but he still has plenty of pop (plus hit .280+ with RISP), and he's great defensively, which should be the priority at SS. Oh, and he's been cleared of any legal trouble.

Brian Anderson I'm willing to give another chance, but if he blows it again, Freel can move to CF and Ryan Sweeney can take over LF. Maybe even Josh Fields if he plays there in AAA to start the season.

"The cubs don't need a 3B prospect now that they have ramirez locked up and the sox could certainly use someone to replace crede. Seems like it makes sense for both teams."

No it doesn't. They already have Josh Fields, arguably the best prospect in their system, who plays 3B.

wow that is a crazy idea... i hope its true

but why would the sox agree to that? If its true that the whole point was to block the yankees, then making Dice-K a FA wouldnt make sense bec it would allow the yankees a chance to sign him.

Fields isnt a great defensive 3B is he? I don't know much about him but I know there has been talk about moving him to the OF. So im not sure.

yeah tyler i know, the whole thing is full of holes, its still interesting to think about though

What do you think would happen if the Red Sox signed Matsuzuka for very very very cheap and immediately released him because they had a deal with Boras. I.E. they get a discount on Drew if they do this. Matsuzuka would become a mlb FA correct?

"..if the Red Sox signed Matsuzuka for very very very cheap.."

lol, the Red Sox are dealing with SCOTT BORAS; i think the negotiations are taking long, because Boras is man-handling the Red Sox FO

i think Epstein & co. are gonna drop more outrageous wads of cash in signing Dice-K -> maybe that's why there's talk of trading Manny to free up some cashflow

Is this the part where u devise some crazy scheme where the cubs at the end of the offseason, somehow end up with zito schmidt, D mats, soriano, and whoever else youve been thinking of

"..if the Red Sox signed Matsuzuka for very very very cheap.."

lol, the Red Sox are dealing with SCOTT BORAS; i think the negotiations are taking long, because Boras is man-handling the Red Sox FO

Did you not read the whole post? It was a crazy sceme I devised where he worked with Boras! It was just a joke. Calm Down.

^ i did read the whole post; you should make your jokes a little less subtle.. if that indeed was supposed to have been a joke, lol

How about everyone stops trying to come up with ridiculous trade offers that deal with the White Sox and just sit back and watch what unfolds. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Sox make no major moves: Kenny loved last year's roster.

Fields isn't ready to play everyday. He needs another year at AAA offensively and defensively.

And the Sox hit left-handed pitching like crap last year in a division almost saturated with it. Jacque Jones would be an awful acquisition anyway, but even more so for the Sox.

ChiSox - because that's what we do here. That and say how every move every team makes was idiotic :)

Come on, you must have some way you'd want to improve your team...and with all the Cubs fans here we can sure use someone from the other side...

Glavine to stay with Mets

Durham to stay with Giants

^ wow nice post

It's official about glavine. Signed a one-year deal to stay with the mets. Just reported by YES and WFAN

I think we could fill a thread with Mets' fans comments stating "Fuck Glavine."

I guess that was premature of them.

Glavine would have signed with the braves if they gave him the same deal. i think that is what pissed off mets fans.

according to ESPM. LaTroy Hawkins has signed a 1yr deal wit the rockies.

exactly brosius. Just the whole process pissed me off. That they didnt offer him arbitration, which i guess was because minaya knew he would resign TG. Just the fact that glavine waited for what seemed like forever to make up his mind.

the white sox dont need a power hitter. this is a good signing for them. if you go back gto the championship season, podsednik was their catalyst, an all star, and one of the reasons they won it all. this is a great signing because he is cheap and the sox are hoping he cant go back to his 2005 form

Pods got jipped.

Pods 2006 (.330 OBP and a 68% steal success rate in 59 attempts over 129 games) should bring his value down far enough to intrigue the Braves. At just about $3M for 2007, the possibility of getting back to his 2005 form (.351 OBP and 72% steal success rate in 82 attempts over 139 games) might be worth acquiring him in a trade. That said, he's no Edgar Rentaria (his only amazing year was way back in 2003 when he had an OBP of .371 and a steal success rate of 81% in 53 attempts over 154 games), so I wouldn't expect the Braves to give up anything valuable in return. Perhaps a prospect that has fallen out of favor or one that never had that high of a ceiling to begin with.

I actually heard the Braves liked Pods if he were a FA maybe T.Pena Jr & Villereal for Pods

what about a blockbuster Pods,Anderson & Garland for A.Jones


The Braves aren't in position to trade an important bullpen arm, let alone for a LF/leadoff man that hasn't been great since 2003 (only year he was great) and wasn't even good in 2006. Moreover, I think Villareal is more valuable than Pods right now, so we wouldn't have to add anything further to get him.

As for your blockbuster, I heard the Braves were asking for Ervin Santana, Nick Adenhart AND Scott Shields from the Angels in exchange for Andruw. That's a young, cheap current #2 starter, a future ace and a proven set-up man who could close. The package you propose is not only not in the same ballpark, it's in a different galaxy. Sorry.

This is not a good signing and Pods making the allstar team was horse shit. (even though as a homer i voted for him.)

He pretty much can't hit. Has no power. Is a horrible fielder who regularly takes bad angles to balls. He cant throw. His only asset is speed and he gets thrown out too often. The youngsters and Gload are more than enough for Pods and they dont make 3 mill combined. Its a freaking waste a money.

First off Im a brave fan and if you think the Angels do that deal you are crazy. Second Villereal is Ok but far from untouchable and our bullpen needs ALOT more work than 1 guy where our line-up only needs a lead off man. Lastly that combo wouldn't get you Manny sighned for 2 yrs and plays Lf or DH where A.Jones plays CF same as GMJ and only signed 1 yr. The actual offer that was floatin around was Adenhart & Sheilds OR Santana.

And they shot that down. So I got faith in big John he just drives me crazy how it always takes forever. I think last year was the bullpen and only the bullpen. Leadoff to Giles was horrible til moved back to the 2 hole then he started to turn it on. I just think Big John thought Devine was gonna be Chad Cordero and he failed miserably.

Sure, he had a bad year, but if he can come back to his '05 form (he has a good-year bad-year pattern in his career) Podsednik will be a steal for the Sox at 2.9 million, considering the obscene signing for CF this offseason.

I think the Sox will keep him to see if he can bounce back, and if not, make a similar trade to this years "Borchard-for-Thornton" trade if he can't cut it.

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