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Pirates Targeting Elijah Dukes?

Bucco Blog reports that the Pirates and Devil Rays are talking, and the Bucs may be targeting 22 year-old first baseman/outfielder Elijah Dukes.  Jake's informal poll of writers and scouts seemed to indicate that such an acquisition would require either Tom Gorzelanny or Mike Gonzalez.  To me, Gorzelanny would make the most sense. As you probably know, Dukes has a world of talent but some makeup issues.

Gorzelanny had a scare last year with August elbow stiffness, though he came back to make three starts after that.  For 2007, the 24 year-old southpaw is projected at a 4.06 ERA and 1.36 WHIP in 153 innings by ZiPS and a  4.27 ERA and 1.39 WHIP in 168 innings by RotoAuthority.


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I wonder if they are targeting to flip him to the fish for Mike Jacobs. Whom they were rumored a few times to covet.

I hope this deal happens...I wanna see Dukes in the bigs. He could be a stud. He could be an absolute train wreck. I wanna see what happens.

How about... Brian Bullington for BJ Upton?
I was kinda hoping that Dukes would make the Rays as the 4th OF / DH (when Jonny Gomes gets hurt). Offense is such a huge problem for the Rays and they have so many question marks about their position players that it may make more sense to keep Dukes and wait and see what plays out.

I could definately see the pirates wanting mike jacobs, That is a good idea baseball fan 79, a three team trade,

Pit: Mike Jacobs
FLA: Elijah Dukes
Tampa: A young pitcher fromt he pirates

I must admit i would be surprised if tampa with through with this without trying to ask for some insane return

It's about time for the DRays to start dealing off their wealth of young hitters for some useful pitching. I'm not surprised that Dukes might be the first to go.

I think Dukes would be interesting to see in the bigs not just because he could be a great player, but he might be a candidate to top Juan Marichal's beatdown of Johnny Roseboro with a bat in brawl-action creativity.

In all seriousness, Dukes for Gorzelanny would be a fine deal for the Rays. They need as many young arms as possible.

Dukes can play first and has considerable more upside than Mike Jacobs, why would they flip him to the Marlins in a downgrade at the position?

cause of the never ending quest for lefthanded bats.

Plus, outside of three games in the AFL (where he looked like a butcher), Dukes has never actually played 1B. There's just a lot of speculation that the Rays will try to move him there to get him into the lineup.

As a Rays fan who likes Dukes a lot, I have to say I can't see the Pirates giving up Mike Gonzalez for Dukes straight up. Gorzellanny would make sense for both sides, although the Rays do already have a bunch of similar pitchers, although Gorz will probably be better than the Howell/Stokes/Seo/Jackson group of guys down the line.

Not that it makes baseball sense but I would like to see them trade Zach Duke for Elijah Dukes.

Maybe Tampa can throw in a little something but ya gotta take advantage of silly opportunities like this.

The Marlins need an outfielder Elijh Dukes for Rivky Nolasco.

Ricky Nolasco.

what a joke....

this will go down as one of those deals peopletalk about years or decades from now.

hey can u believe the pirates got dukes for gorzelanny??

this would be a coup for the pirates.

dukes is the best offensive prospect in the minors.

and stop calling him a 1B.

this would be like calling vlad a 1B.

dukes has gold glove caliber defensive talent.

im not kidding.

I really don't see this deal happening. I can't believe the Pirates would trade Gorzelany or Gonzales for Dukes straight up. That would be a risky deal. But, as a Braves fan, I think this deal could possibly work in their favor. If the Pirates are actually stupid enough to make a straight up trade, would that lower the Devil Rays asking price for Baldelli. If the Pirates did send Gorzelany to the Rays would the Rays then accpet Davies, Escobar, and Salty for Baldelli. Could be very interesting.

I am not sure if it's that the rays price for baldelli is too high. It may be that Rays management feels the package proposed for Baldelli does not really meet their needs. They were very reasonable when they traded Baez, Huff, Lugo and Hall last year.

I dont really see Baldelli to the braves happening honestly.

Dukes is a nice talent but he is a headcase to the extreme.

It will be interesting to watch :)

anyone who doubts dukes cuz he's a "headcase" is a fucking moron.

his anger problems wont stop him from hitting 450 ft bombs.

he's the best prospect in the minors right now cept for maybe phillip hughes.

any rankings that put alex gordon or butler or any of those schmoes is a fucking joke.

mark my words. elijah dukes is a super star in the making.

u know the braves do want an elijah dukes type player in return for laroche, maybe the pirates are gonna spin dukes to the braves in a deal for laroche, or they are getting dukes in order to give them insurance to trade duffy along with gonzalez in a deal for laroche, this has no source just me pure spitballing here, but getting a player of duke's calibur for laroche would not be a disappointment in my eyes at all. I am not expecting at all to get mike gonzalez and elijah dukes in return for laroche, but maybe dukes and someone else. Or maybe davies and laroche for malholm/gonzalez and dukes. But i mean this is just pure speculation, but i could see one of those scenerios or a scenerio similar to these working out.

I guess I'm a moron then, since I'd take Gordon over Dukes in a heartbeat. To disregard makeup entirely in this day and age is a huge mistake. I don't necessarily want a clubhouse of boyscouts, but a persons character and behavior can be huge factors to their own performance on the field (or keeping them off it), and on their teammates.


he has said a few times please dont curse in here and dont call folks names like morons.

Please respect others and follow that dude.

That said, he is a concern for being a head case. He is not questionable for talent but he does have problems there.

I think he will be good. But he is not the beggining and end all of everything dude.I would rather have Mike Gonzalez then him if I was a Pirate fan. I would rank him around the 25th prospect on the lists for BA range. I think he is a nice talent but gotta see what happens with the kid. Nobody is a sure thing.


so you'd prefer an injury prone lefty reliever over a 22 yr old potential 40-20 1.000 OPS player with gold glove defense in CF who also happens to be a switch hitter.

we're jus going to ignore the fact that the pirates are going nowhere and that jason bay has absolutely no protection, becuz they have their big bad lefty relief pitcher who is jus as likely to land on the DL as he is to get any meaningful outs this season.

thanks for playing. now go away.

I agree with Bsox. IF you admit that Dukes is going to live up to his potential and be a good player. How can you say you'd rather have an oft injured, older reliever?

3way deal Gorzeleny to DRAYS; Dukes to the Braves and LaRoche to Pirates. If anybody could get Dukes chip off his shoulder its Bobby Cox. He is everybodies favorite manager.

1.) The pirates won't trade gorzellany for a prospect no matter how good he has the 'potential' to be.
2.) Gonzalez is not injury proned.
3.) Whoever suggested maholm/gonzalez/dukes for davies and laroche needs to rethink that because its dumb.
4.) everyone knows the pirates have made plenty of dumb trades in the past, but we are beyond that point now, we have players that teams want so we'll get legitimate players in return

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