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Recommended Reading

Head over to Bucco Blog to read Jake's interview with the man himself, Bill James.  Interestingly, James calls Freddy Sanchez a "legitimate .330 hitter."

Am I allowed to recommend music here?  I think I am.  This is a good listen.

I've got some Nick Markakis projections over at RotoAuthority.  Don't forget to pick up a copy of my fantasy guide for only $9.99.

Fire Joe Morgan skewers a recent Bill Conlin column.

Sam Mellinger followed Billy Butler around for a day, and it was kind of interesting.


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Freddy Sanchez without a doubt is the real deal. For starters, if you ever get a chance to see him(preferably on tv) watch him in the batters box and watch his eyes. He analyzes everything and finds way to shoot balls through holes and drive the ball the other way. Also, as much as he finds ways to poke balls through holes and hit the ball the other way he had 53 doubles last season. He is a very tough out.

I cannot say he is going to win the batting title every year and hit .344; but I would go on record to say he is easily a legitimite yearly .315-.325 hitter. Further more, he brings a nice glove with him to work and a smart baserunner. I believe he will someday go back to short, his orginal position. Bottom line, Freddy Sanchez as solid as they come.

Seconded. I'll give you Suppan, Lyon and Anastacio Martinez for Sanchez and that Mike Gonzalez kid.

I wouldn't have pegged you for an Alkaline Trio fan, Tim, though, I guess as a Chicago guy it makes sense. Did you follow them locally in the early days?

Not quite...I didn't get exposed to 'em until Maybe I'll Catch Fire when I started college. But they came to Champaign a lot and played small venues even once they were huge. After that I backtracked through their catalog a bit.

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