Todd Helton Trade Update

UPDATE: An official statement has been released: the trade talks are dead.  So many wasted words on papers and blogs.  Oh well.

UPDATE: The Rockies don’t want to pitch in more than $36.6MM, so the Red Sox are reluctant to part with Delcarmen or Hansen in the deal.  And the Red Sox aren’t happy with the Rockies’ leaking of Tavarez and Lowell’s names.  Of course, the Red Sox were the ones who pulled the plug on the Larry Bigbie deal of ’05 at the last minute.

Let’s see what’s new in the Todd Helton saga.

First off, Josh Beckett admitted to watching Fever Pitch.  Ouch.  Michael Silverman indicates that the Red Sox still haven’t seen an offer they consider serious.  Helton wants the deal done before spring training or not at all.  He’d be happy to play in Boston.

The Denver Post tells us that Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd returns today from family matters to resume trade negotiations.  The Post goes further than the before spring training thing, saying that Helton will veto any deal done after this week.  The Rockies still want one or two of Hansen, Delcarmen, and Ellsbury.  The Red Sox are more into the Tavarez/Lowell salary dump idea.

Buster Olney adds that the Rockies will make this trade if Delcarmen is included. 

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