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Posada Not Concerned

Jorge Posada won't be bothered by his impending free agency as he enters his age 36 season.  Last year's resurgence was surprising given his age and position. 

It's hard to picture the longtime Yankee backstop with any other team.  If PECOTA were to re-sign Posada for 2007-09, it would offer $25 million or so.  Apparently Posada's skills will age pretty well.  I think the Yankees will get something done for three years and $30 million.

If the Yankees decide to go another route, free agent catchers may include Michael Barrett, Paul LoDuca, and Ivan Rodriguez.   


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I really hope the Cubs resign Barrett, what does anyone think about that, is that something that they want to do?

Also, I don't really see the Yankees going the route of an offensive type catcher if they don't resign Posada. It seems to me like they get PLENTY of offensive production from the rest of their lineup, so if I were them, I would go with whoever is the best defensive catcher. Ivan might be a great pickup for them because he is very good both offensively and defensively. I don't know if he would be worth the money when you can get a great defensive catcher for very, very cheap.

I think unless Lo Duca falls apart this year, that the Mets will give him a 1 year extension with an option when the season ends. I think that the organization likes the Duke, they just dont want to lock him in right now because it is risky for a catcher at his age. Lo Duca has said he wants to stay in NY, so if he can perform this year, I would think Omar would have an extension waiting at seasons end.

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