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Reds Lock Up Harang

The Reds and Aaron Harang have agreed to a four-year deal through 2010 with a club option for 2011, according to Baseball Digest Daily.  I believe that buys out two years of free agency.

Details: the contract is worth $36.5MM including the fifth year buyout.  Seems like good value to me.


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According to the blog of the Reds beat writer C. Trent Rosencrans, including the buyout of the optional 5th year, the deal is worth $36.5.

I know you have to factor in that Harang was going to get at most $5.5mm in 2007 (his arb number), but that still puts 3 years and a buyout at $10.3mm per in a market where Ted Lilly and Gil Meche got comprable money.

Great move by Krivsky. For all the little things he does that annoy us Reds fan (Alex Gonzalez, Jeff Conine, etc.), he seems to be getting the big things right.

I agree. I don't think he will be a perennial ace and ever put up Carpenter numbers...but he is still a very good pitcher and this deal is well worth it for the Reds.

I dunno...the Kearns/Lopez trade was a big thing and he got that terribly wrong.

... or his obsession with bullpen fodder.

It's a decent deal according to PECOTA. That option is nice, in fact, I thought it was a decent deal when I thought the deal was 4 years at $9M per.

Thank you Krivsky.... For making my day. I love the deal I think it is very reasonable for both the club and Harrang.

I think Harrang is one of the most underrated starters in the NL and I am thrilled he will be part of the Reds for the next 5 years.

I think this year will be good for the Reds I like the starting staff overall and with Bailey just around the corner next season I think this staff could be pretty good espcially in 2008 or 09.

I also think that the Reds can compete in the Central. For all the money that was spent by the Cubs The only teams that really seem better to me right now are St. Louis, and the Brewers look interesting finally. I still think the Cubs will flop somehow.

My overall view of the division is this

St. Louis - Way weaker pitching than 06. Good hitting team though could keep them in it.

Houston - Weaker than 06, but if they get Clemens back that will help. Improved offense with Lee but he can not score all the runs others will have to continue to produce.

Chicago - Wasted a lot of money on mediocre pitchers. The offense looks pretty nice though. Kinda reminds me of the Reds 2 years ago.

Pittsburg - Well I say in 2 or 3 years they have a shot at being pretty good but they have some holes in offense.

Cincinnati - Offense is down some from the past few years. Defense is improved which should help the pitchers more. Pitching continues to get better under Krivsky. Lack of a for sure closer for 1/2 the season might hurt and Guardardo might not be the answer in the 2nd half.

Milwaukee - Seems like this team is ready to make a good run. They have probably the best pitching staff assuming everyone stays healthy. They have a nice offense assuming that the younger players stay healthy too. This might be the year Milwaukee gets back into the playoffs.

Overall these teams are not listed in order of standings in my mind but this division is going to be very tight this season and I am totally looking forward to a fun race this fall. I know I kinda got off topic, but signing Harrang for 5 years only made the Reds better for the next few years in my mind.

I just don't see what you see as being "nice" about the brewers offense. Fielder will be pretty good, but no one else impresses me besides Hall. I just don't see them competing past the break unless they add a slugger.

He just means that it could be fairly well rounded, kinda like the Padres, but without a real run producer both teams will have to rely on their pitching, which, in both cases, could be pretty good. Basically I think both teams could outhit their pitching by a decent margin, depending on how the chips fall.

It's too bad that the Cards have WAY WEAKER pitching this year, how I don't know. Hopefully we can get Marqueen, Ponfat, and Mark "Mechanics" Mulder back to throw some sub-replacement level ball. Maybe Suppan will grace us with a 5.83 ERA for half the season as well. What? He's gone too? Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!

Guardado was signed to a minor league deal for 07 with an 08 option, surprised I haven't seen that here yet.

Hart and Weeks also have considerable upside. Each are 20/20 candidates. If they can continue to develop, Hall keeps it up, and Fielder breaks out a bit... they could be in the thick of things in the NL central. I like them as my favorites in 2008 in the NL central, with those players developing and Ryan Braun coming along.

I think the Lopez/Kearns deal was a disaster for the Reds. They have no offense, especially if Griffey goes down. They're already considering moving Dunn. I'd bet on them finishing closer to the Pirates than the division leader.

Re Guardado: sometimes I ignore stuff if it doesn't interest me. I think while the Guardado signing was announced recently it has been agreed upon for months.

Whats the deal with this page losing the style sheet?? I take it there is a bad link to the CSS?

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