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Shaughnessy Talks To Schilling

Dan Shaughnessy got his arch-rival Curt Schilling on the phone recently to ask him about his contract demands.

Apparently Schilling had already been in discussion with Theo Epstein about coming back in 2008 before he broke the news on the airwaves.  The story had been about to leak, so Schilling announced it himself.

Schilling thinks the Red Sox want him back and that both parties could get the deal done in 15 minutes if they are close.  They'll meet before spring training and make a decision one way or another.  Schilling seems to consider $13MM a discount; he feels he could get $17MM+ on the open market using the Yankees as leverage.

It seems likely to me that he stays in Boston.  A one-year, $13MM commitment is reasonable for the Red Sox.


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Why does he think the Yankees want him so bad? Would they like to have him? Sure. But they arent going to go crazy and overpay him. Carlos Beltran. AJ Burnett and Barry Zito all thought they could do the same thing.

I got news for you free agents... The Yankee's days of driving up the prices through bidding wars are OVER (unless your name is Roger Clemens)

Besides, with Wang, Mussina, Igawa, Hughes, and possibly Pettite having guarenteed contracts, who knows if they would even want him.

17 mil for Schilling, at his age and effectiveness?

Surely, he must be dreaming. But I suppose there is no harm in trying to drum up some interest now, before he actually starts pitching the baseball this year.

Let's see if folks are still talking seriously about him bagging that kind of chedda this time next year...

Even if the George SteinBuyer's Spankees don't want him when guys like Gil Meche and Ted Lilly are getting 10-12 a year.. a 1 year 13 Mil deal for Shilling is a bargain.

Shoot Shilling pitched better than Randy Johnson last year and Randy got an extension for more money per year. No brainier for the Sox.

Taking Schillings production from Boston and adding it the Yankees??? If you don't think that would be worth 17 million to Steinbrenner you are an idiot. This deal will be done before spring training.

I would think (hope?) that even the Yankees would have enough self-respect to never consider signing Schilling.

Woohoo. This is great news. As a Yankee fan, the fact that the Sox are remotely hesitant to extend him 1 year for $13M makes me think they know something about him that I don't.

$13mil for Schilling is a good deal, no matter how you look at it...

Josh Beckett is the one who is robbing the Sox...

Josh Beckett is the one who is robbing the Sox...

Because getting 16-11, with 21 starts of 3ER or less is getting shafted in today's game when you have to play, oh god, i can barely say it, 4.325 million dollars?

Are you out of your mind?

This makes sense for the Sox. Sign Schilling for another year, he is the voice of experience in the rotation for another year, and in 2009, someone like Clay Buchholz who is a highly rated prospect can take the ball.

Uhh...why does anyone think they're 'remotely hesitant?' Let's think of the timeline here...he made his announcement on EEI on Monday, January 29th. Let's say he talked to Theo 5 days earlier...given everything that happened with Drew and the GM's, uh, secret marriage, it may well have been a day or two before his public proclimation. But even if it'd been 4-5 days...that means it's only been about a week. I mean it's possible he made his decision a month and a half ago, but since he seemed so sure about how it was about to be leaked, I thought it more likely this was a fairly recent thing. (If that leak thing was real, of course)

So it's been 1 week. If 2 more go by and we don't hear anything about him being close to a deal, we can assume Boston's dragging their feet. But I've never heard of a deal getting done in 1 week before...so right now I think it's too early for SF's to worry or YF's to eagerly anticipate a health problem.

The fact that he even mentions the Yankees or any other of his miriad of comments make me think that. If I'm John Henry/Theo, and Schilling comes to me and says "I only want $13M for 2008" and I'm confident in him putting up numbers like his 2006, I am not sleeping until I have a contract ready, out of fear that he comes to his senses.

The Sox are probably trying to trade Schilling back to AZ right now.

first off, the sox will def sign him for 13mil without a doubt. second, if he doesnt, he has already said that he will not sign with the yanks last week. he said that is one of the few polaces that he wont even talk to.

They're not under any pressure to sign him. He wants to come back and they know it. They should wait until they see his health in August or September. Does he really think someone will pay him $17 million for one year? He's good and all, but not $17 million per good anymore.


do what tastes right

Tim, your blog is making me hungry

"Why does he think the Yankees want him so bad? Would they like to have him? Sure. But they arent going to go crazy and overpay him. Carlos Beltran. AJ Burnett and Barry Zito all thought they could do the same thing."

What do you mean they all thought they can do the same thing. It obviously worked didnt it, all 3 got huge contracts, so I honestly dont see what you are getting at. Every one looking for a contract uses one of the NY teams as leverage. It usually works too

Yeah Sunny, he must be dreaming. Yeah right. Schilling could definitely get 17 mil for a 1 year deal. The yankees gave almost that much to Pettitte, and his numbers were worse then Schillings in a soft ass divison. Why is it at all out of the question for him to get a 17 mil 1 year deal?

"The Yankees days of driving up the prices....are OVER."

Except, of course that the three highest paid players in baseball in 2007 will be Yankees (Jeter, ARod, Giambi). And by far the highest paid outfield in baseball will consist of three other Yankees. And the starting pitcher with the highest salary in baseball in 2007 is on the Yankees (talk about driving up salaries! They out-bid the Astros for their number 3 pitcher by making him the HIGHEST PAID PITCHER IN BASEBALL next year!!). And they have the highest paid reliever (but at least he's worth it).

I love this BS. Let's see what happens when Miguel Babrera, Johann Santana, Joe Mauer or Carlos Zambrano hits the market.

Or, possibly, Miguel Cabrera.

Schilling being worth 13MM in 08 is a pretty safe bet in this market. He's the closest thing to an ACE that would hit the FA market.

Further, many teams are going "all out" in any given season and are willing to put a lot of their chips into an impact picher.

I think the Yankees would get into the Schilling mix just to screw the Red Sox. King George would be laughing through the whole thing.

"King George would be laughing through the whole thing."

Do we know if George is aware he owns the Yankees??

George saving his $$$ for next winter when Andruw Jones & John Smoltz hit the market. No way Atlanta can afford to resign either one. Both will be gone.

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