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Will Tigers Keep Pudge?

The Tigers have a $13MM option with a $3MM buyout for Ivan Rodriguez in '08.  Pudge turned 35 in November.  He said recently that he'd like to finish his career with Detroit and might play until he's 40.

Given the buyout, Rodriguez's option is more like $10MM.  PECOTA puts him at $8,125,000 for 2008, so exercising it seems wise.  There's value in the one-year commitment.  Extending him for extra years might be a mistake, though.

Detroit's larger 2008 commitments:

Ordonez - $15MM
Sheffield - $14MM
Bonderman - $8.5MM
Inge - $6.2MM
Polanco - $4.6MM

After the '07 season, Rodriguez, Kenny Rogers, Todd Jones, and Carlos Guillen are all potential free agents.


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If he gets let free into free agency, I would love to see the Astros pick him up.

that would actually make sense for the stros if they could afford him. they just took a catcher out of high school in the first round of the draft last year, so 3 years or so of pudge would be a good bridge until he's ready. that's assuming the guy they took will actually pan out...and pudge comes with a reasonable price tag

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