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Luis Castillo A Met In '08?

The Mets and second baseman Luis Castillo have seemed like a good match for a while now.  The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported today that Castillo nearly signed with the Mets three years ago before the Marlins improved their offer.  Additionally, the Mets almost traded for him in November of '05.

Today I added Castillo to my list of 2008 Free Agents; he ranked 29th.  Should Jeff Kent retire, Castillo will compete with Marcus Giles as the best available 2B after this season.  Castillo won't return to the Twins; they have a younger version of him in Alexi Casilla.  Actually, Casilla should probably be used at shortstop, but I doubt Castillo returns.  I should add that Casilla is going to make a phenomenal fantasy sleeper once he starts - .300+ average, 40+ steals.  Just like the Luis Castillo of the late 90s.  Put him on reserve in AL-only this year.

Since Jose Valentin's 2006 season looks just a tad out of line with his recent performances, the Mets may be compelled to trade for Castillo this summer instead of waiting for him to hit the open market.


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Why no Mark Buehrle on the Free Agent list??

Any possibility of a trade midseason for the Mets to get Castillo?

What about Torii Hunter?

Screw torii Hunter. The Mets have this Beltran guy patrolling CF. I wouldnt give up much for Castillo. Give Anderson Hernandez the shot, I know , I know, he cant hit, but he will be able to hit good enough with enough experience to justify playing him. This guy burns down the line and can possibly win a gold glove someday. For some reason he rakes in winterball every year but cant get it done with the big team. He is only 24 though so i'll give him a little time. Point is he is a poor mans Castillo

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