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Orioles Considering Reggie Sanders

Somewhere, Dayton Moore is praying that the Orioles take Reggie Sanders off his hands.  Sanders, now 39, was signed in December of 2005 for two years and $10 million.  He's one of a handful of Allard Baird mistakes still residing on the Royals' roster.

I imagine Moore has struggled to find a team willing to take Sanders and most of the $5MM he's owed.  What team would want to do that?

Enter the Orioles.  Baltimore wants a right-handed bat and the Royals just want a reliever with his arm attached.  The two sides are talking, so maybe Moore can unload Sanders before the season begins.  Bob Dutton adds that the sticking point is how much of Sanders's salary the Royals would consume.


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Attached arms are hot commodities nowadays!

How many stupid moves does the Oriole's GM (dont know off hand) get to make before he gets fired? The Orioles offence is a kind of cut+paste lineup, kinda like a Red Sox bullpen (minus Papelbon). Just ugly. And the addition of Sanders would make it, well, even crappier.

what about eduardo perez? he was just released by the sox.

Hey, who is the head of baseball operations for the Orioles? Duquette. Yes, the same dude that traded Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano. The rest of the AL East should pay this guy's salary. And remember this is a team that didn't protect Josh Phelps, who may make the Yankees now.

Ummm steve phillips traded kazmir for zambrano I believe...not duqette.

Nope it was Duquette, who made that wonderfull trade. Philihs was fired, and Duquette wanted a more permanant job, so he took the risk on Zambrano (with the urging of pitching coach Rick Peterson), and failed miserably. He did the move to somehow catch lightining in a bottle and look smart, and the gamble didn't pay off at all. I was suprised he got a job after that.

yeah it was duquette. That ended up being a good deal for the mets because if he didnt trade kazmir it might have been wright or reyes. We would still have kazmir but only god knows what else would have happened to that team. My guess is John Franco still closing and Al Leiter as their ace cuz those guys were supposedly running the team.

Well Reyes was offered up in the Roberto Alomar deal, but Cleaveland took Alex Escobar instead. But regardless, that was one horrible deal for the Mets, because Kazmir in the NL would be a cy young candidate every year. Yeah I heard Lieter, Franco, and Peterson had a lot of say in trades and what not.

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