Rockies Come Calling On Cordero

The Denver Post reports that the Rockies expressed interest in Washington Nationals’ closer Chad Cordero.  The Nationals gave the Rockies the same answer they give everyone that comes calling on Cordero: he’s not available.

Is March 31st too early to talk about a trading deadline that is four months away?  If The Nationals are smart, they will hang onto Cordero until they have the maximum amount of leverage, and that’s in July.  General manager Jim Bowden proved last year in trade discussions regarding Alfonso Soriano that he isn’t going to make a deal that he doesn’t feel gets the proper return, so when July comes around, other general managers will have to factor that into their offers.

Having said that, the Nationals would be foolish not to trade Cordero at some point this season. An elite closer is a luxury a 100-loss team can not afford.

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