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Schilling Clears The Air

Curt Schilling has a lengthy post on his blog explaining his situation this spring regarding the Red Sox and his 2008 contract.

It sounds like there were no hard feelings.  Schilling surprised the Red Sox by indicating his intention to play in '08, and the Sox are unwilling to commit $13MM of their free cash to the 40 year-old before seeing him pitch this year.  If it was for less money, the deal might've been done. 

Schilling will hit the market after this season and take the best offer, Yankees not included.  The Sox could still bring him back and are his first choice.

I am curious what price would compel the Red Sox to commit now.  In a world where 32 starts of crap are worth $7-8MM, it doesn't seem a stretch for a rich team to overpay a little on a one-year commitment. 


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I loved Schill's post! It has to be one of the most rational pieces that I have ever read a current player produce. I really do respect that man. Its hard not to if you take that and compare it to Manny Ramirez's....and I really respect Manny as a hitter.

Well, I did notice that Curt never said anything about going to the M-E-T-S. He would fit in perfectly into our rotation and to Omar's ideas of free-agent pitchers. The NL should be less stress on him, and with Tommy G leaving next year, he would fill his shoes rather nicely.

if he goes anywhere in the nl east, it's the phillies. lieber and garcia will be ufa's and schill still lives here. plus ed wade is gone, no more issues within the org.

he had to clear the air? this issue was dead 3 weeks ago

These guys (older pitchers signing one year deals) do not go to new teams.

It will be the Red Sox, he is still a hero there, he will end it there.

He cleared up the issue beaminack on where he stands, where the FO stands and again saying there were no hard feelings.

He mentioned the fact he is a 40yr old pitcher.

The Red Sox are interested in efficency, so if Schilling goes mediocre or something not that great, they would chuck in one of their youngsters who might perform slightly worse, but cost 12million dollars less. And use that money to fix other problems (CF, Bullpen, probably 1B/3B). The best point made is the 'free money' The Sox spent up large expecting that money to be available. They are not going to have a Yankee like payroll, they hate the luxary tax.

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