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Cameron To Reach Free Agency

For a while, it had seemed that the Padres would be able to reach a three-year agreement with 34 year-old center fielder Mike Cameron.  I had expected the years to be the sticking point, and the Padres seemed open to three.  However, Ken Rosenthal tells us that contract talks have broken off between the two parties and Cameron is very likely to explore the open market.

Rosenthal likes the Braves as a possibility in 2008, as Cameron lives outside of Atlanta.  The star class of free agent center fielders includes Andruw Jones, Ichiro Suzuki, and Torii Hunter.  None of the three are expected to stay with their respective teams, meaning the Braves, Mariners, and Twins could explore the second tier.  That seems to include Cameron, Eric Byrnes, Corey Patterson, Milton Bradley, and Aaron Rowand.

Cameron is hitting just .164/.257/.197 in 61 ABs on the young season.  He could be distracted by the contract situation, or it could just be a coincidental rough patch.


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As a Padres fan, I'm relieved. On top of his disgustingly slow start in 60 AB's, his defense has lacked during some crucial times so far. Until he shows that last year wasn't his final productive year, I don't see why the Padres should lock him up for an extra 3 years.

I would have liked to see some analysis on the Padres CF situation next year and not just Cameron's situation. With Cedric Hunter as the organization's #1 prospect, KT could go after a second-tier, preferably Byrnes or Rowand, until Hunter's ready.

On the other hand, with the previously mentioned contingency money the Padres have and the $8mm coming off the books with Cameron, the Padres could be a player for one of the big 3. Not to mention the money saved if KT replaces David Wells with Cesar Carrillo in 2008. There's also a few million dollars to be used if Linebrink isn't re-signed, everyone knows that KT would find a way to make up for that loss on the cheap.

I don't think the Braves are going to go after a veteran centerfielder next year. Brandon Jones or Gregor Blanco, maybe they even move Brent Lillibridge to center. I think they will go after someone for first base and some pitching this winter with the money they save from Andruw.

I disagree, becuase if the braves would have expected brandon jones or blanco to take over in center in 08, the would not have pursued rocco baldelli to the extent they did. I think we again use salty and a middle infield piece to pursue a trade of a young centerfielder. And I do not mind the Cameron idea at all, as he can still play center for 3 years while we develop someone. I still think we should look at corey patterson, or i would not mind moving francoeur to center and looking at a young rightfielder

Brandon Jones is also hitting the cover off the ball right now and was injured last year and not doing well. Plus, if he wants number 25, people who have andruw jerseys wont even have to buy a new one

The team that won't be in the market for a CF is Seattle, not Atlanta...the Mariners actually have a real CF prospect.

Good point on SEA...they are all set.

How are Brandon Jones, Gregor Blanco, and Brent Lillibridge not real prospects

There is going to be a glut of Outfielders available for the 2008 season. Andruw Jones and Ichiro just to name a few. I want everyone to remember one name. He is going to be posted just like Dice K was. His name is Kosuke Fokodume Outfielder. Where ever this guy lands, he should have an immediate impact on the game. Last year i took Dice K in the reserve rounds, and then i just cut him only a month into the season. I am not going to make that same mistake with Fukodome.


i dont lik Cameron on the Braves i would rather get Milton Bradley or Aaron Rowand. with Andruw gone theres going to be a power void. and i dont think Andruw will leave becuz

1.he said he and his wife want to stay in atlanta.

2.hes not going to play anywhere that it snows

3.He will be willing to take a pay cut like Chipper did.

i hav Andruw stayin in ATL

There is no way the Braves can afford to keep Andruw. He will most likely want a 4 year/$80 million contract. Scott Boras is his agent. Andruw has already stated he will not sign a hometown discount. Just imagine all the teams that will bid on him. (Angels, Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, to name a few...)Atlanta has many OF prospects that will be given a chance to prove themselves in '08 spring training. By not resigning Andruw, the Braves can sign Francoeur to a contract similar to what they gave McCann, & they can attempt to resign Smoltz.

Bravesrule 14,
Those are all great ideas, except we actually live in reality. Andruw Jones turns 30 today I believe, which means that he is going to take the most money he can get. Now if the Braves offer him 18 million a year and another team offers him 21, i could see him sticking with the braves. But guess what, the braves aint gonna offer more than 15 million, because we do not have the financial leverage to go higher. I like the idea of lillibridge going to center, even though i think that we could move use him at second. And hey, I know he is doing an impressive job at second, but Kelly Johnson would make a fine transition to center. But my gut feeling is that we will make a trade for a young centerfielder.

And my other question, since when have milton bradley or aaron rowand been more of a power source than mike cameron

Including Andruw and Smoltz's contract, the Braves have nearly $30M coming off the books after this season. Combine that with whatever money they get from Hampton's insurance (and the fact that his contract is over after 2008) and the Braves will have around $40M to spend this off-season without any sort of increase in payroll from the new ownership.

So it's not impossible for them to keep both AJ and Smoltz.

With that said, I think they'll go a different rout, signing multiple FAs (while retaining Smoltz) and maybe making a big-ish trade-and-sign.

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