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White Sox Need An Outfielder

Despite Kenny Williams's protests to the contrary, I think the White Sox need to look externally for some outfield help.  The need was there even before Scott Podsednik re-injured himself.  I do believe the offense will come around, but there's still no reason to give away outs in two outfield spots.  Plus, Ozzie Guillen doesn't seem thrilled with the idea of using Brian Anderson regularly.

If I was in charge of the club, I'd give Anderson another shot in center.  Then I'd go after a guy with at least a league average bat for a left fielder (.280/.350/.450ish).  I would engage in trade talks for Jacque Jones, Kevin Mench, Geoff Jenkins, Gabe Gross, Scott Hairston, Adam Dunn, Pat Burrell, Rocco Baldelli, and Emil Brown.  Hell, I'd ask about Jon Knott.  Some of these would be mostly salary dumps, so the Sox could keep their top prospects.  Of course you'd only acquire one of the bigger names if the price was reasonable.



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Here are a couple trade suggestions for the teams (not that anyone listens to me):

(1) White Sox get Rowand, Phils get Mike MacDougal

(2) White Sox get Burrell, Phils get MacDougal, Mench, and Cappellan, Brewers get decent prospects from White Sox and Phils.

(3) White Sox get Burrell and Rowand, Phils get Aardsma, Brian Anderson, and Ryan Sweeney.

Or the White Sox could just think about brining up Fields and sticking him in LF.

I'd LOVE to see Dunn or Baldelli on the Sox, but it's not gonna happen.

As a White Sox fan, I agree with you completely. The Sox are playing with 2 backups in the outfield. They are giving up so much offense at those two positions, it's a joke.

Why in the world would the Sox even think about trading Aardsma or MacDougal? They don't think about it, so neither should you.

Boone Logan or prospect, but no one on their team. This is probably why Logan was recalled when Pods went on the DL, to showcase him.

If I was Kenny I would move Jenks. Right now, Mac and Aardsma are better pitchers, and the Sox bullpen i very deep, with Dewon Day's 16K's in 5 2/3 innings waiting for a chance as well. Jenks is overrated, and has some return value, maybe to the Reds?

Here is another option:

Cubs get Lieber, Phils get Murton. White Sox get Burrell, Phils get one of Jenks/MacDougal/Aardsma and Anderson.

Phils use Murton everyday in LF, hitting him 2nd. Victorino hits 1st, Rollins shifts to 5th. Phils get hard-throwing set-up man (or use Jenks as closer and Gordon as set-up).

Cubs get fairly dependable SP.

White Sox get LF who can actually hit.

I'm an Astros fan, so its not like I'm vested in these ideas. There just seem to be some obvious fits in the league right now that, for whatever reason, aren't even getting rumored. The White Sox have an abundance in their bullpen and a history of making trades with the Phillies, which is why I'm suggesting so many options involving those 2 teams.

Throw Jason Lane and Luke Scott into the mix. Hunter Pence will push somebody out of the lineup and off the 25 man come June. Don't know how much value those guys have, but both of them have shown a lot of power.

I would love an Adam Dunn or a Burrell but I don't think replacing Pods with Power is the right move. Especially if it means giving up an arm in the pen. I'd be ok with Boone Logan and Brian Anderson for someone but nothing from our mlb staff.

One thing I will say is maybe an Adam Dunn wouldnt be a bad move as long as we have the intention of keeping He or Dye come this offseason. I would prefer both and dumping the aging Thome but that is something that I wouldnt mind.

Ok to the orginal poster of this thread. Keep dreaming. The only way Dunn moves is if you are offering a closer or a near the top of the rotation starting pitcher in return.

I agree with astrapanda on this Dunn is not going anywhere anytime this season unless a team wows the Reds.

So my advice to the people who write these articles, stop including Dunn's name cuase it is not going to happen.

I guess I dont see why the Reds would move Dunn. Hamiton has to play, but Griffey is old and Freel is mobile, am I missing something here?

You are missing the fact that his contract is up after this year. If they don't pick up the option, he is gone and they get nothing. He probably wont be traded, i agree there, but its not crazy to think he will be traded. If the Reds drop out of the race he is their best trading chip.

The White Sox need an OF, the Red Sox have a glut. The Red Sox need a corner infielder(post Lowell), lets make something happen. A Coco for Josh Fields trade? KW and Ozzie seem to hate OBP, so Coco would be a good fit. David Murphy for Josh Fields. Crede is blocking Fields, Drew and Coco/Ellsbury is blocking Murphy.

There are better bats in the OF than crisp. Bats that could be had for less than Fields.

Crisp for Fields would never happen. Nor would murphy.

2 bunt singles, and a sac fly for Coco today in the win over the Jays. Sounds like OzzieBall to me.

I agree that the Sox probably won't acquire an outfielder. But they really like Rowand (they were thinking of him this offseason) and they have a good relationship with the Phillies regarding trades (Thome for Rowand, Garcia for propects). That is why I think a trade might get done. THe Phillies don't need anything but relief pitching though, so a lot depends on whether the White Sox (1) want to make a trade at all and (2) whether they are willing to give up a bullpen arm.

seriously, a deal for rowand makes the most sense to me. the phils need relief (couldnt be any more obvious, could it?) and the white sox need better bats in the OF. however, they also need a pure CF more than they need a LF. they also need someone who can catch the ball, because the staff pitches to contact. ryan freel was another guy i liked, but his extension would hint he's not going anywhere. BA can catch the ball well above average, but he hasn't shown he can hit and he clearly won't get another shot if ozzie has anything to say about it. erstad is just awful. given the plethora of solid bullpen arms the sox have, you would think something could be worked out with the phillies.
macdougal might work, given aardsma's absolute dominance might have made him expendible, but it might not even take that much. the phils are clearly desperate (and rightfully so).

Rotoworld- Humberto Sanchez underwent Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of the season

The Yankees kept calling Sanchez's problem inflammation, but it's no surprise it turned out to be far more serious, especially on the heels of some similar troubles last year in the Tigers organization. The missed season only makes it more likely that his future is in the bullpen, not in the rotation.

I believe this comes with an addendum of "Told ya so"

omg, the Sox already aquired an Aaron Rowand this offseason. His name is Darin Erstad. Rowand will not out-hit Erstad, Pods or even Anderson if he gets the at-bats. Please get off of the Rowand crap. Adding him would be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Stupid.

KW will not make a move unless it MAKES THE TEAM BETTER. Have a nice day.

Aarond Rowand is much better than Darin Erstad, offensively and defensively. Erstad is not very good and hasn't been for a long time.

I don't see how the White Sox give up Macdougal, their best reliever. If they would pay that much for Jacque Jones...fine by me

What about Jr. Griffey?

He's a 10-5'er with WAY to much money owed to ever be traded. The AAV is only 9 & 1/2 million or so but the deferred money makes a trade way to complicated.

Reggie Sanders is hitting well and could be had on the cheap, the R's want to dump his salary. Emil Brown also.

Gload isn't going back to Chicago. Buddy Bell is in love with the guy. Especially after he legged out a DP to tie the game in the 9th the other day. He has replaced Shealy at 1B for the next few games at least(Shealy is slumping).

How low are the White Sox on Brian Anderson? COuld they trade him to tbe Blue Jays for a 4th OF? Similarly, Scott Hairston or Alberto Callaspo (for SS) on the D-backs.

While I do think that the White Sox need a better outfield, for me in the short term the better solution is in house.

Now, I know Brian Anderson hasn't proved much in the majors, but he has a good track record in the minors, and you can't put him in the doghouse after only 407 career at bats.

Darin Erstad is not an everyday player, I was happy about the signing in spring training, thinking he could backup the outfield and first, but under no circumnstance should he take at bats from a guy with more upside and at worst a similar performance. Erstad's career stats are skewed by one great year (2000) and a couple of good ones before that.

I would then play Anderson in center (except against tough RHP) and platoon Mackowiak, Ozuna and Erstad in LF until Podsednik returns.

And one more thing, for those of you that have been looking at possible trades, one issue to consider is that, contrary to previous years, the Sox need someone who can hit lefthanded pitchers. So probably a good RH (especially with Dye being a free agent after this year) would make the most sense. That would make trades for J.Jones, Griffey Jr. or Dunn, less likely.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if the Reds picked up Dunn's option before the trading deadline. Hamilton, Arroyo, Harang, and Dunn are probably the only four on the Reds that I think are safe. To get Dunn it would require a kings ransom and I don't think the White Sox have nearly enough to pull it off. I would want a very good pitcher and a impact bat that could put up about 75% of Dunn's stats. Basically more then he's worth.

Griffey I would deal in a heartbeat and I really wish the deal that was rumored a few years ago, I believe it was Griffey for Chris Young and another prospect or two, happened. Griffey has 10/5 rights now, but I think he might welcome a deal to Chicago as they are a better team then Cincinnati. I would deal him straight up for Jenks.

Right now I think that the more likely to leave Cincy is Ryan Freel or even more likely Encarncion. Hamitlon is getting closer and closer to being a every day guy, and while Freel most certainly isn't a every day player as a utility guy he has value. EE is off to a slow start isn't great defensively, though I think he's better then he's given credit for, and is in the managers doghouse. With the Reds bullpen imploding nightly I could see him being moved for a closer.

The only problem with this is that he's also Cincy's only source of right handed power. Deal him and lineup suddenly gets very heavy from the left side.

The Sox absolutely need upgrades in LF and CF.

However, I doubt that they'll deal for an outfielder. The Sox will be hesitant to give up one of their good young cheap arms unless it's for someone really good.

Rowand would be a good fit because of his RH bat. This team gets blown away by good left-handed pitching.

Neither Erstad or Pods could start for Minnesota, Detroit or Cleveland - especially Erstad.

This situation will really hurt the Sox while trying to make the postseason playing in the toughest divison in baseball. Every weakness is critical when these 4 teams will finish so closely together.

I'd prefer Burrell of all the guys mentioned but his contract makes it out of the question. Baldelli is good but Tampa demands too much for him.Dunn isn't going anywhere and he really isn't a good fit for the Sox. I doubt they go after a lefty anyway.

I agree that they'll probably stay internal with either Anderson, Sweeney or Fields. It's a shame.

Something to the Cubs would seem like a good idea however defense wouldn't be of the premium. However I don't know how Cubs/White Sox negotiations would be.

i could see some type of 3 way deal happening with the Nats/White Sox/Phil's with Cordero going to Philly, Rowand or perhaps Ryan Church to the ChiSox, and Brian Anderson and a decent prospect or two to the Nats sometime this summer

Schellis, I would never trade Dunn just for one closer. I would trade him only for a young starter and the Reds are not in a huge need of a starter right now. Anyway Dunn is too valuable to be traded for Bobby Jenks in my mind. I don't think Dunn will even be traded during the trading deadline either. Dunn is just now reaching his prime and will probably resign with the Reds for the next three years.

A more tradeable person is probably Burrell. The Phillies have been trying to trade him for a while now and they have started the season out bad and it doesn't look like it's going to be a good season for them.

i find it hard to believe that it will be a bad season for them. the offense is too good and its too early to press the panic button on a team that was expected to contend for the division before the season started.

How about the Cubs and Sox get together on a swap of Jones for Anderson?

Think of it as the OF version of Aardsma for Cotts.

Having Anderson instead of Jones would give the Cubs some added roster and trading flexibility -- Anderson could be sent down, and would likely have more value on the trade market than Jones.

Jones is a better fit for the Sox, assuming they're not comfortable running Anderson out there daily.

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