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Giants Interested In Melky Cabrera

According to Peter Gammons in his blog, the Giants are considering shopping a starting pitcher.  Not only do they have Tim Lincecum debuting tomorrow, but Jonathan Sanchez was raised mostly as a starter and hasn't worked out in the bullpen so far.

Gammons says the Giants would target a young position player, and they like Melky Cabrera of the Yankees.  He does not think the Yankees would be interested in a Cabrera for Noah Lowry swap.  If it was the Lowry of 2005, it would be a different story.  But the southpaw seems to have lost his strikeout rate at age 26.

The Giants could also peddle Matt Morris, who's 4-1 with a 3.20 ERA.  This is probably the high point of Morris's season, so shopping him makes sense.  The Orioles are one of several teams in need of an innings eater.


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I might consider it if they throw in a legit prospect, but one on one no way unless they are retarded enough to make a Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum for Melky.

Espically difficult with the way Damon is banged up and Abreu really struggling. Melky is also finally starting to look like the player he was in 06 in the recent week.

I don't know how interested the Yankees would be in an NL pitcher without overpowering peripherals. Morris' K:BB ratio is hardly enticing, and although it is a small sample size, he has a fair amount to prove after last year. The last thing the Yankees need is an aging, mediocre starting pitcher who could absolutely get pounded in the AL East. Therefore, I'd strike Morris out right there.

Nowry is at least a possibility, as he has a bit more upside at least. But, as you pointed out, they don't know which Lowry they would get, or how he would take the transition. It's a risk, and maybe a risk worth taking, but they better hope they get the good Lowry, as the bad Lowry in the AL East couldn't even crack the Yankees' 25 man roster, especially when they start getting back guys from injury.

Cabrera has been swinging a better bat in the last few days, and he has proven extremely useful to them so far this season. He hasn't hit, but his defense is still solid, and they have needed him a lot with Abreu struggling and Damon in and out. At least as of now they have somebody who they can throw out there that they have confidence in - something which I can't exactly say for Kevin Thompson yet. He is still a valuable part of the team, and I still say they shouldn't sell low on him.

"Melky is also finally starting to look like the player he was in 06 in the recent week."

No, he's not. Check the logs; he still has only two extra-base hits, and one of them was a popup against Boston just behind 3rd that bounced into the stands. Zero power, and most of his hits are of the groundball/infield single variety. Just not a good hitter so far this season.

Wow I hate Yankee fans. The fact that you even thought about Melky Cabrera and Tin Lincecum/Matt Cain in the same sentence is laughable. You're all convincing yourselves how you need an extra good starter to take from any team you want. Well starting pitching doesn't come cheap...good luck protecting your prospects if you wanna trade for them.

Considering the sentence you're referring to also included the word "retarded", I'd relax a little - nothing to be taken too seriously. And if you actually read my post, I didn't even mention Cain or Lincecum as I knew that wasn't a possibility.

Matt Cain/Tim Lincecum for Melky Cabrera? hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha
if this really happened it would be a sign of the apocolypse. the Braves wouldnt even giv them LaRoche. i jess dont get Yankee fans seriously.

Can we please stop pretending that someone suggested that a Cain or Lincecum for Cabrera trade was at all realistic? That was never said. Period.

"if this really happened it would be a sign of the apocolypse. the Braves wouldnt even giv them LaRoche."

That's why he said the Giants would have to be retarded to do it.

Now if we were talking Cubs fans, they'd be trying to trade Jacque Jones for both Cain & Lincecum...

If the yankees are willing to trade Cabrera does that mean that Tabata is ready to play full time? Tabata for the Tampa Yankees is batting .287 in 94 AB's with 1 HR and 6 SB's....There next top OF is Gardner and he is far from ready...

Hardly, Tabata is still in single A ball - he isn't ready to even crack AAA, although AA may be in his near future. If the Yankees traded Cabrera, Kevin Thompson would become their backup outfielder. Thompson isn't much more than a AAAA player, although he did hold his own last year as a September call up, in very limited at bats. He is more of a typical fourth outfielder type, while Cabrera is probably one of the better fourth outfielders in baseball. Some would argue, but you have to admit, for a backup player is he pretty good, especially considering his age. He may or may not be an adequate starter on a major league team, but he would have a place on any 25 man roster in the league.

The Yankees' ETA for Tabata is probably around 2009 if all goes as planned. Gardner is decent, but I think the odds of him cracking the Yankees' outfield anytime soon are fairly slim, especially with Matsui and Damon locked up until after 2009. Abreu has an option for next year, but it is a moot point as neither Gardner nor Tabata will be ready by then, and odds are they Yankees pick it up anyway (assuming he breaks out of this funk).

I completely agree with achilles and yanksfan. Some of the posters on here are completely ignorant, as they twist the obvious meaning of a post just so they can type something. Make sure you understand what someone says before you refer to it.

And Guitar Hero, i am pretty disappointed. You usually make intelligent conversations with your post. Your post here was definately unexpected, and quite stupid. I guess I overrated you.

And also, I cannot wait till tonite, all the hype about lincecum is unreal. I wanna see proof that he could be the real deal, and utley, rollins, and howard will be a good first test. We'll be seeing ya.

Those first inning jitters will get to him, that's inevitable - the only question is how he settles down after that. Frankly, I think the more important benchmark will be his second start. Just look at Hughes: he wasn't great in his first start, although he wasn't awful either. Only in his second start did he start to show his potential and live up to the hype. Although I'm not a Giants fan, as just a fan of baseball I hope that Lincecum doesn't suffer the same fate as Hughes did. I just want to see the kid pitch.

achilles and braves, i couldn't agree more on lincecum, and really hope he does well, not only beacuse it will be cool because i put him on my fantasy team due to Roto's advice.

I think its great for baseball, when in the coming 3-4 years, names such as Maddux, Smotlz, Schilling, Clemens probably won't be around that there is a young generation with the same potential.

Hughes, Lincecum, Bailey, Felix, Verlander, Any pitcher in Florida, Liriano, Bonderman - there is a great supply of young power pitching. I mean, even guys like Josh Beckett, who has been around forever is only 26, looks like he reaching his potential.

Obviously if Cashman could trade Melky for a decent pitcher he would, but its probably not going to happen. Abreu's option is declines, Melky in RF.

Yankees pitching isn't that bad anyway, Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Hughes +1

All they need to do is keep those guys healthy.

It was a joke, i have no idea why the word retarded gets filtered out to make the sentence seem like i actually meant it was realistic.

As for Melky, I'm saying he's climbing back to respectability because he's actually seeing the ball now , i was checking the P/PA a couple of weeks ago and he was at a horrendous mid 2 something (very good would be over 4, anything above low 3s is usually not that bad, interesting enough Robinson Cano's P/PA jumped up signifincantly this year so far, though that came along with a ton more Ks too.) but i just checked again today and it's already back up to the mid 3s. meaning he's clearly having more patient at bats.

He's also only had 1K vs 4BB in the last 7 game (24PA), as oppose to 8 vs 5 in the first 77 PA. not to meantion 7 hits in the last 4 game. it's pretty clear just watching the game itself anyway that now he's actually sending hard hit balls off his bat instead of pathetic tappers.

The power will come (he didn't get his first HR last year till June anyway ), he isn't a power hitter to begin with but he's clearly not in the Wily Taverez / Juan Pierre relam either. and no one on the Yankee is hitting for much power other than A-rod anyway.

I'm not saying he's going to be a great player, but he has at least a decent chance to be ok to decent depending on if he sticks to CF. I'm simply not trading a guy that might be useful very soon down the road for a 1 to 2 month solution in Lowry.

"I'm not saying he's going to be a great player, but he has at least a decent chance to be ok to decent depending on if he sticks to CF. I'm simply not trading a guy that might be useful very soon down the road for a 1 to 2 month solution in Lowry."

Lowry is under contract till 2010, he would be a freaking steal for a scrub player like Melky. The only reason anyone even knows this 4th-5th outfielders name is the team he plays on.

Well thanks for the comment. I'm probably pissy cause my team is going down in flames and to be honest I'll just watch the Yankees pass by later in the year because of trades like Abreu or some rip off like that because they have a lot of money.

And I know he said it was "retarded" but he still implied that those are the type of players he would want for Melky. Those two guys are untouchable.

Noah Lowry is the second coming of Kirk Rueter, teams know this already, or at least they should.

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