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Homer Bailey Coming Soon?

The Reds aren't sure who will start in Eric Milton's place on Sunday; phenom Homer Bailey is in the running.  RotoAuthority has the fantasy take.

Speaking of the Reds, they just demoted third baseman Edwin Encarnacion.  He's had an awful start both offensively and defensively, but did hit .276/.359/.473 as a 23 year-old.  I can see some Aramis Ramirez parallells, though Ramirez doesn't make EE's top 20 comps at Baseball Prospectus.  He does have some big names on there, like Ron Gant, Steve Garvey, Ron Santo, and Adrian Beltre.  A team like the Twins would do well to buy low on him if possible.  He's a known name on the Angels' list.


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Good place to start up discussion on an unrelated topic would be the MLBTR Reader Blog.


So what, the Angels don't believe in Brandon "Set a new minor league record for extra base hits in one season" Wood anymore? He's not going to be a shortstop, that's for sure. 3b was his position, I thought.

OH how I would love to see my Tribe swoop in and take Edwin off the hands of the Reds. Would be a nice payback for the Brandon Phillips mistake.
Edwin will be a beast in time. I'm sure we could find room for both him and Marte here in Cleveland.

It will probalby take a very good prospect or player to get EE. The Reds have no real reason to deal him, he's cheap, and he's young so he has no say in what happens to him. So I don't see them moving him just to move him.

Also jsut thought that I'd add that it doesn't look like Bailey will get the call, appears the Reds are going with Bobby Livingston or Phil Dumtrait instead.

Okay, the Reds have the right idea by not calling up Bailey yet. SERVICE CLOCK, SERVICE CLOCK, SERVICE CLOCK, and, oh yeah, SERVICE CLOCK.

Not much research into this article. Looks like Bailey is almost 100 percent sure to stay in the minors, and to be honest that is what should happen I would like to see Dumtrait can do at the big league level.

As far as Edwin goes I have to agree with schellis on this one. It is going to take something good to pry him away even with his average start hitting, lack of power and poor defense. He is only 23 or 24 years old and the Reds are in no hurry to push him too fast.

Freel takes over at third with Keppinger filling in on days freel needs rest. Keppinger was hitting over .400 in AAA so he deserves a shot too.

I resent that.

1. At the time of posting, Bailey was completely in the running. You can't go back after the fact and claim not much research after we get confirmation he won't start.

2. Where is the lack of research?

ive heard Livingston may get the call, but im also seeing Saarloos name on the yahoo page. i do think its the right move to not bring up Bailey yet, eventhough ive allready went out and picked up Bailey in my custom deep bench mixed league.
i think theres a difference between both Hughes and Lincecum who were called up and Bailey who didnt get called up. Hughes was almost certain to remain in the rotation and will be once he returns healthy. Lincecum replaced Ortiz, and even when Ortiz is healthy again likely wont get back in the rotation(unless Lincecum just sucks) because the Giants didnt have much invested in Ortiz to begin with. in the Reds situation once Milton is healthy again he is more likely to regain that rotation spot or be traded. i dont think the Reds would just release him or send him to the bullpen, right? so Bailey would only even up getting sent back down to the minors. so why rush him up now, let him continue to work and develop more down there.
the way some teams need SP maybe Milton could get traded? seeing as i really hate the Yankees i wouldnt mind seeing Milton traded to NY where he could get bombed, however with geezer coming back i dont see that happening.

I can pretty safely say we don't want Milton, but it would be interesting to bet on the 9.00 ERA over/under pitching in the AL east...

The lack of research is that all season long Krivsky said he is unlikely to call up Bailey while the current starters are performing. Ok so you say Milton is not performing and I agree with that.

Bailey has not been in the running from the start of the season so I don't know how you can say he was in the running. I would be shocked and dismayed if they bring him up for this purpose.

Bailey wasnt in the running to start the season because Milton was. i dont think the Reds would have expected Milton to be this bad or they wouldnt have run him out there. now that Milton isnt producing and has ended up hurt Bailey WAS in the running to get the chance, but the Reds dont want to rush him up this early. if Bailey is this top prospect theres no need to rush him up now if they dont feel his is for sure ready. hes also only 21 years old, and im sure the Reds expect Bailey to be in the league for years once he is up

Just so everyone know Livingston is being called up if you didn't see it on MLB.com

I don't think the rotation is as big of a deal as the bullpen. I think that if the reds could get some relief help. Maybe Scott Linebrink things could start to turn around.

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