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Percival Possibilities

The Angels aren't interested in reliever Troy Percival, but several other clubs will be in attendance when he works out for teams in a week or two.

The Tigers are publicly showing interest, as Percival left the club on good terms despite barely pitching for them.  He was voted a playoff share last year and used the money to buy a suite for the players' wives.  With Joel Zumaya out for quite a while, the Tigers could use another arm at the back of the bullpen.  Contrary to previous reports of 97 mph (subtract five mph from anything an agent says) Percival is topping out around 92 these days.

The Phillies also want in; they remain desperate for relief help.  They'll attend his workout.  The Indians gave a "no comment" on the Percival topic, but I can't see why they wouldn't send someone to observe the workout.  I also can't see why Rafael Betancourt isn't closing, but that's my fantasy side talking.


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any chance of the yanks being interested in him. i can see m being a good 8th inning option for them. just a thought

How about the cubs? Pinella is looking for any kind of relief help.

Does anybody think this guy can get by on a low 90's fastball. He didn't exactly get by on his guile.

Yea I was wondering about the Yankee idea for Percival.I figure the Yankees will go out and trade for another reliever this season, so why not offer Percival a sweet deal?

Desperate is no longer appropriate .....In theory...the Phillies just became the front runner to sign Percival. Hoping and Praying

Rafael Betancourt is a one pitch pitcher...they tried hhim out a few years ago and he was successful for a while then after teams figured out he only has a fastball he got shelled

Street and Duchscherer are both on the DL...

So teams figured it out specifically because Betancourt was pitching the ninth inning, but then lost their scouting reports when he switched back to the eighth? Hmmm. The man has a 15 to 1 K/BB.

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