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Rickey Wants Back In

The dramatic return of Roger Clemens has inspired another legendary player. 48 year-old Rickey Henderson wants to try one last comeback near the end of the year.  He's not impressed with current players, saying they'd be in Triple A in his day.

Could Rickey beat out the worst outfielder in baseball and justify a roster spot, marketing value aside?  I think so.  Why not Rickey instead of Ryan Langerhans or Nook Logan in Washington?  Give the fans something to root for.


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rickey henderson is probably the coolest player ever.

I wouldn't be surprised if he guy could come back and post a .340 OBP while hitting .180 or something.
And the quotes..., man o man, the guy practically pioneered refering to one's self in the 3rd person among modern athletes. Rickey's gonna have some sweet stuff to say after being away from the game for a while.

ok well here is a little debate question for you, in their prime, who would you want as a table setter, ichiro or ricky, i personally would want ichiro, better contact hitter and defender

Umm...Henderson. .401 career OBP, with a bunch of seasons around the .420 mark. Best base stealer of all time--most career stolen bases to go along with a fantastic success rate of %81. (Stolen bases are sometimes overrated, but if you're THAT good, you're helping your team a ton) Not even close...Ichiro's a great player, but if you're talking a raw statistical comparison without regard to era, Henderson's miles above.

Admittedly, though, I don't know much about Henderson's fielding ability.

"Lou Brock was a great base stealer but today, I am the greatest."

I would have thought that by not Ricky would be more focused on Ricky getting what Ricky has coming to Ricky from Ricky's payments into Ricky's Social Security. I mean Ricky has to take care of what Ricky needs to keep Ricky's family secure. After-all Ricky has to watch out for Ricky because nobody else looks out for Ricky.


All kidding aside, in a heartbeat I would prefer Henderson. Ichiro never had the ability to alter games like Henderson. He really might have been the best lead-off hitter ever...and not a bad defender too. Plus he was a HARD worker at keeping his game in shape.

Ricky also had great pop for a lead off hitter. He had quite a few high slg years considering the era he played in. His career high was 577. Ichiro aint getting close to that

I watched Ricky play for the Newark Bears a few years ago. He really didn't look like he had anything left then. I can't imagine a comeback by him going much better than Jose Canseco's.

Yeah, sorry Ricky, you're done.

If he had anything decent left in the can, I'd sign him in a Washington minute. I'm convinced that just having him on the bench would be good for the Nats.

Ricky = Greatest Lead off hitter of all time

I would take him on the marlins to teach and work with Hanley happily.

Ricky is WAY better than Ichiro. His career OBP is more than 25 points higher than Ichiro. His career OPS+ is higher as well. Not to mention his speed advantage or the fact that he played for more than 20 years. Best lead off hitter ever, hands down.

How could anyone honestly argue that a 48 year old Rickey Henderson is better to have on a team than Ryan Langerhans?

My man Ricky already has a student. His name is Jose Reyes :). Seriously though, anyteam with a young leadoff/basestealer kinda guy should want Rickey around. He has helped Reyes tremendously, I also think he has made him a better leadoff guy, not just at swipign bags

Rickey Henderson is my favorite baseball player of all time, but the reason I think he is not playing has little to do with performance; his elder Julio Franco probably does not produce as much as Rickey could, but he has a much better 'veteran clubhouse presence' kind of attitude than Rickey.

That said, I think Rickey is just kidding and is definitely done with his career. It is a shame, however, that no team is willing to give him a last hurrah few months on their roster. It would, however, throw back his Hall of Fame eligibility three years.

If Franco belongs on a roster, Rickey probably does too. We don't have to go with Langerhans. Go with Nook Logan, who has zero chance of helping the next winning Nationals team and brings no one to the ballpark. Plenty of guys like that on rosters.

I couldn't be much less of a Nook Logan fan, but at least he can play above-average defense. Henderson looked washed up 4 years ago, and was only a starting left-fielder even during his years of stardom.

Also, I don't understand the argument that because Franco can perform in his late 40's, then a totally unrelated and completely different player can beat similarly steep odds. Franco has a relatively solid track record over the last few years---Henderson has not seen major league pitching since 2003.

Nook Logan isn't the answer, but that doesn't mean Henderson wins by default.

"Henderson has not seen major league pitching since 2003."

Due to some fault of his own? A character fault, maybe. The difference is that Julio Franco was never the star that Rickey was, so it makes more sense for Franco to be an occasional role player.

I guess it depends on what you considering a good performance...Franco hit .273/.330/.370 last year, and Rickey can probably do the same.


...as a 44 year old part-time left-fielder. Not exactly a character fault.

Lots of players had great peaks, but fell off at a certain age. It's natural.

"Henderson has not seen major league pitching since 2003."

no no no. Major League pitching has not seen Rickey. Dude could still get his walks.

If Rickey comes back, I guess he'd be a bat off the bench right? I wonder what the record for pinch walks is.

his 2003 line was still better than what Al Martin, Terry Shumpert, Pete LaForest et.al did that year as the DRays DH.

Rickey knows the strike zone. What Rickey wants, Rickey gets and Rickey wants back in.


It's possible, but has to be at least as possible that he turns into Sean Burroughs--a guy who takes walks until pitchers realize he can't actually hit strikes and do nothing but challenge him.

Realistically, I could see a one game comeback or something. I don't know if that is possible under the present CBA though.

"who would you want as a table setter, ichiro or ricky, i personally would want ichiro, better contact hitter and defender"


"If Franco belongs on a roster, Rickey probably does too."

Yeah agreed. I LOVE Franco's presence on that team, but I dont know. I find myself cringing everytime he comes up in a big spot late in the game, because he either gets a hit to right field or ground into a twin killing. I mean, he is decent as a bench player, but I would rather he just retired and became a bench coach with the Mets or something, because he is so valuable to have around younger players. He and Lastings Milledge developed a very good friendship during the end of last season and spring training, and he seems to have tought Milledge a ton, just how to carry himself at the big league level, how to really just fit in with a big league team at a very young age. Hes like a dad to all of the young players.

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