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Tampa Bay Connection For Percival

Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times highlights a connection that could bring Troy Percival to Tampa Bay, should the Angels pass.  Topkin notes that Rays manager Joe Maddon, a former Angels bench coach, thinks very highly of Percy.   

Tampa Bay would definitely provide an opportunity for Percival to get some late-inning work.  Al Reyes won't be giving up the closer role anytime soon; he's been a godsend with a 1.37 ERA and 4.6 K/BB.  Juan Salas seemed a candidate to lock down the setup role, but he recently earned a 50 game steroid suspension.

It would seem wise for the Devil Rays to shop Reyes this July.  Some team might pony up an unreasonable bounty for the bullpen help.  Then again, Reyes does help Devil Rays fans maintain their sanity in the ninth inning.


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I'm surprised the Cubs wouldn't be involved. They had high interest when he was a Free Agent, have been known to take fliers on injured pitchers, and would like to move Dempster into the rotation or trade him.

Why would Percival want to waste any innings he has left with the D-Rays? I would think he would sign with a contender before wilting away in Tampa Bay. I think the Yanks would give him a serious look. Cubs and Indians also.

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