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Yankees Considering Helton?

For all the talk of how the Yankees have changed, the team went back to its old brute force spending approach to add the one available free agent difference-maker in Roger Clemens.  Ten games behind the Red Sox and in third place, it seems they may be considering another expensive acquisition.  According to Mark Healey of Gotham Baseball, the Yanks are considering acquiring Todd Helton to play first base.  The Rockies might have to accept a contract in return, perhaps Kyle Farnsworth's.  I would except a Helton deal to resemble the Bobby Abreu trade, where the Yankees mostly provide salary relief rather than players. 

The Yankees' offense has been kind of average in May.  However, the .262/.347/.460 line they've gotten from Josh Phelps and Doug Mientkiewicz is about league average for the position.  It's far from a major need.

Aside from the Angels, there aren't many teams that could take on Helton's contract or even compete for his services.  In contrast, one Rockie likely to be coveted by is closer Brian Fuentes.  Healey says he's on the Yanks' radar as well.  Fuentes is a 31 year-old lefty with 75 career saves.  He'll be a free agent after the 2008 season.


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I don't think that the Boss refers to "league average" in determining what his position players should do. He generally tries to assemble a team with Hall of Fame talent, or at least All Star production, at every position. Phelps and Mientkiewicz aren't that, so... time to buy another player.

If you're implying that the money would be better spent on a pitcher, I agree. But it's Monopoly money, so it probably doesn't matter.

The Yankees have a policy that they do not give bonuses for making All Star teams or winning awards because players are expected to play to those levels.

If they can trade Farnsworth for Helton, they should jump all over it. As much as I want them to have a good defensive first baseman, it's hard to justify giving most of the at bats to a guy who barely hits higher than his weight.

Farnsworth hasn't been very good and is rather limited. Chris Britton would be a much better use of the roster spot.

I can see the Yankees trying to get Helton and bullpen help like Ramon Ramirez. Not Fuentes though because he's their closer. However, I can't see a farm-system saavy team like the Rockies doing an Abreu type deal. THey demanded good prospects in return for Helton in the offseason, why would it change with him hitting well now? It would be a good fit for the Yankees...but they'd probably have to give someone up of value. Not Phil Hughes, but almost anyone else I'm guessing, like Tabata, Chamberlain, etc. (I'm actually only familiar with Yankee farmhands by name and not much more). I can see ROckies eating a bit of salary, but seriously why would they do this for nothing? Gillick is an old-timey GM....he's not that good anymore IMO and the ABreau deal was an awful miscacluation of the current economic market.

Out of the loop. That's what I'd call anyone who thinks the Rockies can get Tabata for Helton and his ridiculous contract. The Rox couldn't get Hansen for Helton, so stop suggesting they could land a top 15 prospect like Tabata.

They'd do it for nothing because Helton's contract is a major detriment to the team's ability to resign Holliday, Atkins, etc. He's worth more gone.

Like I said, I don't really know the Yankees farm system other than who's in it, and Phil Hughes. All I know is those are two of their top prospects....they have tons of salary taken on with Clemens now, and I doubt they take Helton without Colorado eating a sizeable portion of the contract. That being said, no way they just give him away for free. Keep dreaming. They'd have to give up prospects. Whether or not that's in Cashman's strategy is what is in question, because he's taken to trying to rely on some prospects, but thats also why they're struggling a bit.

I don't know, i think something like Ian Kennedy or Clippard would be needed to get Helton. I understand that the contract is really bad, but Helton has been killing it so far. The Rox are probably gonna demand something in return.

How bout those mets?

I doubt the Yanks will ever touch Todd Helton without swapping equal salaries or the Rockies picking up a considerable portion of what is left. Despite the signing of Roger Clemens, it is widely known that Brian Cashman has actually been trying to shed payroll the last two years - albeit doing a terrible job of it. Trading for Helton would be just another shot in the foot. At season's end, the Yanks have four major FA's - A-Rod, Abreu, Posada, and Rivera. I expect them to re-sign both Posada and Rivera, buy-out Abreu, and I don't know about A-Rod. My instinct tells me he will leave for greener pastures, but doing so would probably put a nail in the coffin for the Yanks for the next couple of seasons. So maybe the Yanks will match what he wants. As for Clemens, I'm not even going to pretend to know. It would seem logical to retire at season's end, but he is too unpredictable to even make a guess.

The Rockies demanded good prospects from Boston because in those talks they were paying about half of the remaining money on Helton's deal.

Helton has negative value. The Rockies would be overjoyed to find someone to take him for free. That's not going to happen, but if the Yankees only require Colorado to pay, say, $15-20M and take Farnsworth, then they'll throw in a couple worthless prospects and the Rockies will be happy.

They won't trade Tabata, and if you're talking about one of the good pitching prospects (Chamberlain, etc.) then the Rockies will be paying half or more, just as Boston required.

"As much as I want them to have a good defensive first baseman, it's hard to justify giving most of the at bats to a guy who barely hits higher than his weight."

Yanksfan, then you'd be in luck because Todd Helton is one of the best defensive 1B in baseball.

"As much as I want them to have a good defensive first baseman, it's hard to justify giving most of the at bats to a guy who barely hits higher than his weight."

...That is pretty bad, as Bobo said, Todd Helton might be the BEST fielding 1B in baseball, not to mention one of the most clutch hitting either.

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