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Buehrle's Counteroffer Rejected

More Buehrle!  You know you love it.  According to Buster Olney, Mark Buehrle's camp proposed an alternative to the full no-trade clause contract.  Buehrle's side asked for the same four-year, $56MM deal, but with a $17MM player option for 2012 that would kick in in the event of a trade.  That'd put Buehrle's deal on par with Roy Oswalt's.  The White Sox rejected the counteroffer. Ken Rosenthal confirms the info

There must be something the Sox don't like about Buehrle, or some secret rebuilding plan in the near future.  The fact remains that the team rejected a heavily discounted contract to retain their 28 year-old ace.  It's damn near inexcusable to me, and I'm not even a Sox fan.

We've been down this road before - but it really looks like a trade is coming in the near future.  Phil Rogers mentioned Kenny Williams's affinity for Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox and Carlos Gomez of the Mets.  Gomez will be out for four to eight weeks with a fractured wrist bone, but that shouldn't affect his trade value.  Don't forget the Dodgers - they could really use some rotation certainty.  It'd probably cost them Matt Kemp.

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Speaking as a Sox fan, this is getting retarded.

This is bad for business with other players/teams, bad for team morale, bad for the fans. It puts the entire organization in a really sh*tty light. I'm tired of it. We're not gonna be able to rebuild our team by trading a rent-a-player. WTF!

ahhh yes thank you roto. You have done excellent job covering the ridiculous Mark Buerhle saga...if only a resolution would come soon.
It seems the white sox want a very fast outfielder and thats exactly what Ellsbury and Gomaz are.

Omar...Just say no!!!! Not for Gomez, Milledge, Fernando, Pelfrey.

Humber and a low level would be more than fair for a rental.

yes I agree don't trade Gomez he is a beast trade Humber he is terrible

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I just couldn't see Theo trading away Jacoby for Buerhle when we have Lester and Bucholz in the minors. Next year, you throw atleast Lester into the fold and you have Beckett, Dice-K, and Lester all under 30. You add Wakefield who can pitch until he's 107 and throw in possibly Schilling if they want to pay him, if not, a Kason Gabbard can do just fine up in the majors. So its really not worth it for the Red Sox to waste their time in the Buerhle sweepstakes.

The mets arent giving up Gomez for Buehrle unless they can get an extension worked out. Not for a rental though, no way. Omar loves Gomez and Martinez too much to trade them for a guy who will play for 2 months then leave. He handpicked those guys.

Not Kemp!! i say Ethier and couple more ML players for Buehrle

Really, if we the fans don't want to trade a blue chipper for Buehrle, why would the GM's? I think Kenny really screwed himself here. By waiting this long it gave "Team Buehrle" a chance to come out and say "we'll test free agency". I think it just dropped the price from 2 blue chippers and a small guy, to 2 middle prospects and a smaller prospect.

This is gettin crazy about these trades being speculated about. I have heard about Kemp being traded for him, that would be insane, Gomez for him, that would be insane, Salty for him, insane, Escobar for him, insane, And alot of others. Kenny Williams is dreaming if he thinks he will get one of those guys. All those guys that I have mentioned are gonna become stars. Escobar will probably be the Braves SS next year, and they will trade Renteria. Salty will probably be their 1B. Kemp will probably be the full time starter for one of the Dodgers outfield spots next year, if not before. Gomez will probably be the Mets starting outfielder next year also.

But this aint even the craziest trade rumors, the Nats wanted BOTH Escobar AND Salty for Dmitri Young. That is what DOB of the AJC said, and he is a reliable source.

The bad thing about it is a team will probably end up panicking and giving up a very very good prospect for a rental. I just hope the Braves DONT trade Lillibride, Brandon Jones, Matt Harrison, Jo-Jo Reyes, Salty, Campbell, Escobar, or Devine. The Braves just dont need to trade the farm for a stupid rental player, when that player aint gonna help us much anyway!

No on Kemp. For 3 months of Buerhle? Just what is KW expecting to get? The only way a blue chip goes for Buerhle is if he has no future with the team he with and is blocked for several years at his position.

Yunel Escobar untouchable, give me a break.

Here's a question though - this blog was pretty negative about Barry Zito last year, and is pretty positive about Buehrle this year. Why? The same house of cards in indicators is at work here.

Actually I think Escobar would be a pretty weak bounty for Buehrle. Escobar is not a top prospect in my mind.

As to your question Dental Plan...if I come off as overly positive on Buehrle I should correct that, because I share the pessimism with certain indicators. Ie, his .269 BABIP helping him to a career best hit rate. Not too sustainable, the Sox are at .302 as a team.

The reason I like Buehrle more than Zito though is his control. Buehrle's control is just incredible while Zito's has almost always been average or worse.

All that said I think Buehrle can keep running at a 3.80-4 range in the AL for several years, easily worth $14 mil these days.

I think Buehrle becomes an ace in the NL, though I thought Zito would be quite good there too so take that with a grain of salt.

Besides his BABIP, his LOB % is pretty high as well. Yeah, it's probably worth $14 million. There's just nothing good to spend money on in free agency so you end up throwing 5/65 at Jason Jennings or something.

And look at Jarrod Washburn, how does that guy put up an ERA under 4? Wow.

I don't like Buehrle, but if I was him I'd tell the WS to stick it! He's basically giving them a huge hometown discount and they turn him down. He should basically give them an ultimatum right now for about $10 million more than he would have signed for a few days ago. Tell them that's what happens when you crap on a guy whose willing to give you a nice discount. Since Ozzie called Maggs and the Big Hurt 'pieces of @#!%' when they left, what's the over/under on him referring to Buehrle as one in the next couple of months? Lol, that seems like a good way to attract FA's, call all your players you don't want to pay 'pieces of @#$%', especially one who carried your franchise for a decade!


Obviously you have not seen much of Escobar. I am a Braves fan, and he has been spectacular so far with the Braves. IF the Braves dont trade Escobar this month, then I think the Braves will trade Renteria in the offseason, I know Bobby Cox loves the guy. I admit I did not think too highly of Escobar before the year started either, I thought he was a descent prospect at best, but after wathcing him with the Braves I want him to stay with the Braves, and maybe he will be their Starting SS next year.

Unlike my fellow Met fans, I don't think Gomez for Buerhle is a bad trade. Gomez is seriously overrated by the Mets right now, and they would come out ahead in this deal. With Milledge ready and Fernando Martinez on the way, the Mets don't need Gomez. And he has the kind of skills that the White Sox overvalue.

John Peterson,

Actually I would rather have Gomez instead of Milledge. I think Gomez will be Very good, but I think some Met fans overvalue Milledge. If Milledge is that good then why did you guys sign Alou? Milledge is gonna be a HUGE Bust. The only guys that yall have that are even anything prospects are Gomez and Fernado Martinez. That is it, everything else is a little bit dry. Fine with me though if you wanna trade Gomez for Buerhle. I would sit back and start laughing. If yall could get Buehrle and only give up Milledge yall would win that deal.

"Unlike my fellow Met fans, I don't think Gomez for Buerhle is a bad trade. Gomez is seriously overrated by the Mets right now, and they would come out ahead in this deal. With Milledge ready and Fernando Martinez on the way, the Mets don't need Gomez. And he has the kind of skills that the White Sox overvalue."

Umm, yeah, he is 6'4, 21 probably the fastest guy in the league right now, is going to win gold gloves, a lot of them, and will eventually end up hitting 30 HRs because he is a big boy and will fill out. He is raw but if you couldnt see him getting better and better every time he played then I canth help you. If you are willing to give that up for a 2 month rental that we dont need at all, and we have basically no chance of keeping, then thats your opinion, but I would rather keep Gomez.

Like somebody said, I would offer them Humber and a mid level prospect, and even then I wouldnt be overjoyed.

If the mets are going to trade for a pitcher, trade for an impact guy I would rather give up a bluechipper as the centerpiece for a deal for oswalt or willis, not to rent buerhle for 2 months.

Time for an update. Buerhle signs 4 year deal.....

It was announced by Gene Honda after the ballgame today and now its all over the post game show on 670 with Chris Ronge. He agreed to the 4 year/56 Mil deal, but the details about NTC and such are still unclear. Good news for the sox.

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