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Jason Jennings And The Padres?

Here's a connection to consider: Jason Jennings and the Padres.  The article is a few weeks old, but Kirk Bohls wrote that insiders say Jennings is hoping to be in San Diego next season.  Jennings seems like a tried and true Texas guy, but maybe he has a thing for the West Coast.

One could see the Padres snagging him this winter on one of those make-good, California discount type deals.  Kind of like the one Randy Wolf received from the Dodgers.  He'd also be a nice fit for the Padres right now, as they are said to be considering adding a starter. 

It's tough to gauge Tim Purpura's asking price for Jennings, as there haven't really been any trade rumors.  It might be advantageous for the Astros to hold onto him and just collect some draft picks after the season.


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The Pads really don't have much to give. Maybe a package involving Headley and a reliever like Royce Ring, but would that be enough?

The Astros would probably take that unless someone over-payed for Jennings....like Atlanta or the Mets.

The braves would probably like jennings, but it does not make too much sense to overpay for him since he is just a rental. Matt Morris seems like the best option for the braves.

Kirk Bohls with Astros rumors? I live in Austin and I'm surprised the sportswriters here acknowledge there are any other sports teams other than the Longhorns and the San Antonio Spurs. I'd take whatever insider sources he claims to have say with a very large grain of salt.

you'd think the best thing for us would be draft picks. but that would require the front office to actually draft well, which is something they haven't done very well lately

No, it would be much more advantageous for the Astros to re-sign Jennings, since quality starting pitching is still a big need on this club, and they can't go backwards if they expect to be a .500 club.

I certainly don't want to see the Astros go into 2008 with Oswalt, Williams (who has been very poor) and 3 Wandy Rodriguez-types. The Astros have a pretty good core with Oswalt, Lee, Berkman, Pence and Scott, and Astros fans certainly don't want to see a Royals or D-Rays like situation.

Keeping pending free agents for draft picks is apparently the new black.

bravesbeast is right about Bohls, he has no clue about anything related to the Astros. If Allison Footer reported it I'd believe it until then, it's not worth mentioning on your website.

Hopefully the Astros will be able to trade Jennings to a team who really needs a win in the second half, because that is all he is good for. Honestly, a good prospect or draft pick is all I expect. A rental player with one win for the season isn't going to score a good trade for the Astros.
The Astros have a good core with...Scott? Can't...stop...laughing...


Since when is Luke Scott part of the Astros core??? LMAO

...just saw that Marvel said the same about Scott.

As for Jennings: that deal was garbage then and it's garbage now. Tim Purpura has done nothing to better this team and don't mention Carlos Lee. That was a no-brainer and had more to do with McLane than Purp.

So far Purp has:
--Signed 40something W. Williams to TWO years (big mistake). Now we're stuck with one of the worst SP in MLB for another year and a half.
--Traded away THREE young talents in FAST Willy Taveras, STRONG Jason Hirsh, AND a throw in of T. Buccholtz. Might be the worst trade in franchise history.
--Been part of a contingency that let A. Pettitte go over a measly $2MM!!! Opening the door for the greatest pitcher of all time to leave as well. That's working out REAL well for us this year, huh?

Does anybody have faith in McLane and Purpura to stay this sinking ship? I don't. The farm is severely depleted and our "trading chips" are close to worthless. It's a sad day in Houston baseball history.

Gerry Hunsicker is laughing his ass off in Tampa Bay.

I agree with WHIPit on the Woody Williams deal. A part of me died when that news came out. Can you imagine if we hadn't traded away Willy Taveras? The Astros would have the one of if not the best outfield in baseball right now, but whatever... The Astros always find a way to break my heart every year.


Don't forget, if they didn't trade Willy Taveras, they'd also have Jason Hirsch and Taylor Buchholz as well. They'd be a lot better team IMO.

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