Josh Towers is Available. Does Anyone Care?

Turns out Josh Towers had some nasty things to say about the rest of his club after yesterday’s loss.  I guess they weren’t that bad, but by the established standard of "we all went out there and battled" quotes, he really let his ‘mates have it.

Towers has gone through waivers unclaimed before, so it would seem that if J.P. Ricciardi wants to get rid of him, he’ll have to eat some salary.  But that presumes that somebody would take him at any price, and J.P. is casting doubt on that:

"The only guy we got a call on was Towers, with Philadelphia," GM J.P. Ricciardi had admitted just prior to the game. "They came to see him (vs. the M’s) and we never received another call back. Maybe he wasn’t their cup of tea."

I’m a little surprised no one has bit on Towers in all this time; he was dreadful last year, sure, but he’s always kept walks down, and he’s been pitching his entire career in the AL East.  He would seem like a decent fit for the Phils or the M’s.  At this point he seems like a Kei Igawa backup plan of sorts.

By Jeff Sackmann
Brew Crew Ball

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