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Odds and Ends

Today we've got a bunch of smaller links, rumors, and signings, so we'll put it all in one post.

  • The Cardinals signed reliever Ryan Franklin for 2008-09 with a club option for 2010.  I was waiting for the financial details to come out, but they still haven't.  According to Rick Hummel, it's at least $2MM per year.  That's pretty much chump change to almost any team, so no big loss if it doesn't pan out.  Franklin has actually been the Cardinals' best pitcher this year.  He deserves credit for his superb control and 50% groundball rate, though he's been strangely tough to hit for a guy whiffing fewer than four per nine innings.  Franklin has a .226 BABIP, which should regress toward his team's .294 mark.  Franklin already owns one of the greatest fluke BABIP performances of the decade, when he posted a .248 mark in 2003 en route to a 3.57 ERA.
  • Speaking of questionable reliever contract extensions, Shawn Chacon wants in.  To be fair, his 2.98 relief ERA this year is solid, and his peripheral stats aren't terrible.  But extending him at $2-3MM annually just doesn't seem wise for the Pirates.
  • Jim Salisbury discusses the awful Pat Burrell contract, noting that it seemed like a good idea at the time. 
  • Richard Justice tries to figure out why Morgan Ensberg is on the Astros' roster.  Ensberg has really lost it since he posted a .945 OPS with 36 home runs in 2005.  It wasn't that long ago; he deserves a look with the Twins or something. 
  • Rob Bradford discusses how the Josh Beckett contract extension came to fruition.  Great timing by Theo Epstein; now he has Beckett at well below market value.  Kenny Williams tried this with Mark Buehrle last summer but was rebuffed.
  • J.P. Ricciardi clarifies his A.J. Burnett comments.
  • A new pitch has been invented.  This is going to take the world by storm.
  • Neifi Perez = busted.
  • Gotham Baseball debunks the Lastings Milledge to Washington for a reliever rumor.  Mark Healey also thinks the Mets' interest in White Sox starters has been overstated.
  • There's a good chance Rockies' first baseman Joe Koshansky is traded.  Let's not get too excited though; Kevin Goldstein says he becomes an average big league first baseman in a perfect world.  The 25 year-old is slugging .486 at a hitters' park in Triple A.


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But, on a serious note: If a pitcher can't put any more velocity, break, or control on that pitch, I'd stay with the Eephus.

What about Ensberg to Ana to fill their "3B w/ pop" desire. I know he isn't anything near what the fans would want, but he is much closer to the guys Stoneman actually adds under the guise of trying to help the club.

Bills trade history is one which he just won't deal his prospects, and Morgans price shouldn't be high at all so I see a nice fit on that part. Ana has tried guys like SheaH and E.Alfonso as of late, showing they don't mind taking on players who should do little more than take up space but could get back to their "once was" level ~ Morgan fits that too...

I was thinking about the Red Sox being interested in Brad Lidge. What do you guys think about the Astros dealing him(and maybe Jason Lane) to the Red Sox for Wily Mo Pena, who the Sox can't find playing time for and a prospect or two?

The Red Sox fans think people really want Wily Mo Pena.

There are a lot of teams that would really want Wily Mo. 30-40 HRs for very little money. I'm not saying the guy is a great player, but that is an attractive package to a lot of GMs.

That said, he alone would bot get the Red Sox Brad Lidge. No Way.

The Astros already have two future DHs. Why add another? Plus, Scott or Lane could hit .212. Okay, maybe Scott.

Joe Koshansky is the poor man's Ryan Shealy.

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