Yanks, Padres Fail To Reach Igawa Deal

Disappointing lefty Kei Igawa will not be traded this season.  According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Yankees chose not to dump Igawa’s contract on the Padres, and the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement via trade.  The Padres had won the claim on Igawa, which shows just how little interest there was around baseball.

As I mentioned a couple days ago, the Yankees don’t really have an opening for Igawa in 2008 if all goes according to plan.  Many teams have shown past interest in Igawa, including the Orioles, Mariners, Padres, D’Backs, Dodgers, Mets, Cubs, Braves, Tigers, and Indians.  Igawa had expressed a desire to pitch on the West Coast.

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