Johan Santana To Buy Home Near Minneapolis

Now that’s a headline for a slow news evening.  I’d say slow news day, but Ed Wade was hired and that was something to talk about.  Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press says Johan Santana will soon close on a pricey new home not far from the Twins’ ballpark.  Word is that Santana strongly considered buying an awesome one-bedroom condo in Lombard, IL but ultimately changed his mind.

I had a little bit too much fun with Google Maps today…here’s a look at Johan’s 23 mile commute to work, whether it’s the Metrodome or the new ballpark in 2010.  Does the purchase imply that Santana will take a huge discount to stay with the Twins when his contract expires after the 2008 season?  Not really.  Athlete real estate purchases are overrated; a couple mil to an athlete is nothing.  The house isn’t going to compel Santana to sign a below market deal if he otherwise wouldn’t.

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