How About Bonds To The Reds?

Here’s one we haven’t considered: could Barry Bonds join the Reds?  Home Run Derby discusses the Dusty Baker connection, while Sabernomics believes the Reds hired Dusty partially to show free agents they’re serious.  Sabernomics believes the Reds could even make a run at Alex Rodriguez.  (Hat tip to Bleed Cubbie Blue on both links).

Bonds would be a welcome addition to any offense.  But he only fits in with an NL team in left field.  Adam Dunn resides there currently for Cincy, playing some of the worst LF defense in the game.  So the loss on defense would be minimal.  Dunn could then be moved to first base or sent packing.  The latter option makes the most sense, since Joey Votto is ready and Scott Hatteberg is under contract. 

The possible problem is that exercising Dunn’s option for 2008 gives him full no-trade protection until June 15th.  Last we heard, the Reds are likely to go for it.  A Dunn-for-Bonds exchange only makes sense if the Reds score a good young pitcher for Dunn.  Anyone have any reasonable trade scenarios involving Dunn?

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