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Scott Boras Clients

I was recently asked to list which free agents have Scott Boras as their agent.  Without further ado, here it is (thanks to MLB4U).  Let me know if I missed any free agents or non-tenders!

Ben Broussard*
Bruce Chen
Eric Gagne
Jose Hernandez
Andruw Jones
Byung-Hyun Kim
Travis Lee
Kyle Lohse
Rodrigo Lopez
Greg Maddux
Corey Patterson
Mark Prior*
Alex Rodriguez
Kenny Rogers
Julian Tavarez
Ron Villone
Jeff Weaver
Brad Wilkerson

*Free agent if non-tendered


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joe crede is represented by scott boras as well

oops nevermind, he's not a free agent. disregard my initial comment

I thought Maddux was a Boras client, but isn't anymore?

Wow, Jose Hernandez? Nice to see Boras doesn't just take superstar players, or even just good ones.

chris: Byung-Hyun Kim must have driven Boras crazy this year.

Bruce Chen !!! I love that guy. I thought he stopped playing baseball cause of his suck factor.

Jered Weaver was represented by Boras when drafted and eventually signed by The Angels. I never heard of Jered changing agents since.

Travis Lee is gonna net him some big bucks this winter.

No wonder Boras is trying to drive the price for A-Rod through the roof. The rest of this group isn't worth a warm bucket of spit. Boras's commission income depends on A-Rod alone.

I don't know about that.

Jones, Gagne, Lohse, Lopez, Maddux, Patterson, Rogers, Tavarez, Weaver, and Wilkerson should get Boras about 3 or 4 million dollars between them (or nearly 3 times more what he'll get off ARod).

Rick Ankiel is a client also.

coco crisp, j.d. drew, julio lugo?, carlos pena, dice-k,

I am curious to see where patterson ends up. Before Mcfail took over there was talk of the previous bunch attempting sign sign him back, i wonder if that is still true. There are also some Jones and Hunter rumblings (more Jones) in Balitmore.

Andy's closed mouth approach to everything really sucks. I wish he would let us here in baltimore know at least what direction they are heading in. Very frustrating indeed.

Only the Boras clients that are free agents this year are listed.

There is no reason to bring up all of the other Boras clients that are locked up in contracts.

"coco crisp, j.d. drew, julio lugo?, carlos pena, dice-k, "

shutup, looking around the post for errors, while really you are the one who looks silly.

Julian Tavarez had his option picked up by the Red Sox.

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