A-Rod Adds Another Agent

UPDATE, 12-18-07 at 1:35pm: Sounds like Boras remains A-Rod’s baseball agent, and Oseary is taking over for his other ventures.

FROM 12-18-07 at 11:29am:

Variety is reporting that Alex Rodriguez has dropped Scott Boras to sign with Guy Oseary.  A-Rod is Oseary’s first athlete; he’s worked with celebrities ranging from Madonna to David Blaine.  (Hat tip to Mark Feinsand on this one).

Whatever Oseary does for Rodriguez probably won’t concern MLBTR readers much.  Rodriguez’s current contract, which he negotiated himself, runs through 2017.  He’ll be 42 when the deal is done, perhaps ready to retire.  I can’t see into the future but it doesn’t seem like the Yanks will ever trade him.  I haven’t read whether the new contract includes a no-trade clause but I assume so.

The more interesting part is Boras, whose rep has taken a hit this winter.  However to me it seems like that hit is mostly from the media.  It’s not like the Boras Corporation is going to go out of business or players will start leaving in droves because A-Rod and Kenny Rogers did.  He’s still the best in baseball and he’s got plenty of big names that we’ll be hearing about in coming years such as Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Adrian Beltre, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Pena, Mark Teixeira, and Prince Fielder.

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