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Kosuke Fukudome Rumors

Kosuke Fukudome is expected to make an official announcement soon on whether he will come to the Major Leagues for the 2008 season.  Per Fukudome's agent, it's highly unlikely he stays in JapanHe wants only a three-year contract, no more.  So who's after him?

  • Cubs: They're still after him, and Lou Piniella doesn't see why the failure to sign his acquaintance Kaz Matsui would have any bearing on it.  The Cubs have a vacancy in right field plus perhaps a need to spell Felix Pie in center.  They also could use a nice dose of OBP.  Fukudome is a perfect fit.
  • White Sox: The Sox have openings in left and center and a strong need for OBP.  Aaron Rowand and Torii Hunter are out of the picture, leaving Fukudome as a prime target. It's been said that the Cubs are prepared for a crosstown bidding war.
  • Padres: The Friars have already contacted Fukudome's agent.  Kevin Towers has publicly expressed his interest.  Fukudome could play left or center for the Padres.
  • Rangers: With a center field spot up for grabs, the Rangers have "serious interest."
  • Giants: In late October, it was said that they were "seriously interested."
  • Yankees, Red Sox: They've both scouted him, for what it's worth.  Little doubt he could play a better center field than Johnny Damon, but it's hard to see where he could fit in with Boston since they've already got four starting outfielders.
  • Mets: They have a right field vacancy, but I haven't seen too many published reports indicating they're after him (as of now, I can't find any).  Wouldn't surprise me to see Omar jump in here though.

Did I miss anyone?


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When did the White Sox become out of the picture for Rowand?

if i recall correctly, rowand priced himself out of chicago's range and they backed down...but rowand is still talking up the sox like he'd love to go back..so who knows.

i like how many teams fans (mariners, dodgers) have fukudome confused with kuroda and think its kuroda who only wants a 3 year deal.

A free agent who only wants a 3 year contract? Sounds perfect for the White Sox. Get it done, KW.

yeah, the White Sox have said that they felt Rowand's asking price was too high in both years and money. It appears that the White Sox feel that Rowand wants to come back so bad that he'll give them a hometown discount. But otherwise they have said they'll look in other directions. I would rather they go for someone cheaper anyways, Rowands next contract is gonna be a bust.

How about the Royals? I'd say their interest in a LF/RF type like Guillen would put them in the running for Fukudome. Especially with Hillman having just arrived, the interest in Kuroda, and the signing of Yabuta.

My money is on the White Sox. They need him more than the other teams do IMO.


i would love to see fukudome in KC. a fukudome, kuroda, yabuta trifecta would definately make a splash. the problem is, the Royals are seeking right handed OF'ers, and I could see them signing Kuroda and A. Jones, then aquiring another RH OF through trade. But yeah, Fukudome would be awesome in KC.

If the Royals get another outfielder, will it push Gathright out?

This is a guy I'm hoping the Giants go for...

3yr 30 mill is a good price. Plus, SF has a large Asian community, so he would have people that speak his language around...

Personally I think its gonna be the Cubbies though. We all know the kind of money they're willing to spend, and they have a huge gaping hole in right field and the need for one more middle of the order bat with a good on base percentage. Fukudome may not be a full on middle of the order guy, but he's gonna give you a .380 obp and thats something they need. Im thinking he goes to the Cubs for 3/33.
LF Soriano
SS Theriot
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Fukudome
2B Derosa
C Soto
CF Pie

Still hate that Soriano leads off, he's not that kind of guy other than the speed. Wish they would bat him 3rd or 5th and put Fukudome batting 2nd but Soriano wants to bat leadoff and he'll get what he wants


Royals fans dreams are to sign A. Jones and Guillen (although I'd love Fukudome over Guillen). This would give us an OF of:

LF - Guillen
CF - Jones
RF - Teahen

with Gathright as a 4th OFer and likely DeJesus traded.

Why would you want ol' roider on your team? Not like he's going to mentor the younger players. I would see if Jones is available and if not go for Fukudome but the Royals have a lot of lefty hitters already. I would wait for a better, cheaper right handed bat if I am the Royals.

well it would be great if the Royals bypassed Guillen, but so many reports say we are likely to land him.

i'd RATHER see us toss a nice package at Pittsburgh for Bay.

LF - Bay
CF - Jones
RF - Teahen

that just LOOKS better.

When did Kansas City get the money to spend over $100M on two outfielders? Jones will take somethin like 5/75 and Guillen should get 3/30


we dropped 25 million of the payroll this year (sweeney, sanders, emil brown, odalis perez, scott elarton etc)..that dropped us down from about 53 million to 28 million as it stands right now.

the owner is allowing dayton to go back to his payroll from last year, alone with his annual 3-5 million increase. plus consider the revenue sharing income, plus now this new info that each team got approximately 25 million from internet income, plus the Royals have a new TV deal...

we aren't going to hit 100 million..this year, but we are no longer going to be in the bottom 3 on payroll anymore. if dayton moore thinks the players he wants will win for us, david glass will spend.

how old is Fuk? i could see the Yanks signing an OF after trading Melky

"Mets: They have a right field vacancy."

The Mets traded for Ryan Church yesterday, giving them a starting outfield of Alou, Beltran, and Church. I would hope that they are not a serious option for Fukudome.

I would have to think that the Giants would be the favorites for Fukudome.

what about the idea of Kuroda and Fukudome going to the Mariners? a fab-four of japanese players. Fukudome, Jojihma, Kuroda, Suzuki. i can see the redsox jumping on him, and trying to trade away JD Drew, and Julio Lugo while calling up Jed Lowrie or possibly signing Mark Loretta again. possiblt seeing if they can toss Drew into the Santana deal in place of or with Crisp.

The Cubs need Fukudome the most. They are looking for a left handed, right fielder, with high OBP. Hendry will throw $12M-$13M at him if he has too. Fukudome is the missing piece to the puzzle.

The Marniners will not sign Fukudome because they don't have anywhere to play him.

KW will go after Fuku, but I cant see him overpaying for him, with Bone spurs being removed that and he isnt proven and that's the number 1 thing KW wants, if the Cubs or whoever else want him more, chances are they will be able to get him. I see KW offering Andruw Jones 5 years 75 Million, the same offer he made for Torii Hunter and if that fails, going after Jason Bay or Coco Crisp

BTW Tim, Mark Gonzalez wrote a artice today that the Sox are looking at Bay, just a FYI.

KW will go after Fuku, but I cant see him overpaying for him, with Bone spurs being removed that and he isnt proven and that's the number 1 thing KW wants, if the Cubs or whoever else want him more, chances are they will be able to get him. I see KW offering Andruw Jones 5 years 75 Million, the same offer he made for Torii Hunter and if that fails, going after Jason Bay or Coco Crisp

BTW Tim, Mark Gonzalez wrote a artice today that the Sox are looking at Bay, just a FYI.


you know, message boards hate little twits like you. go spam yahoo message boards with this idiocy.

Get 'em Tim!!!

Who do you guys see as the odds on favorite to snag Fukudome?

Would most of you rather see your team trade for Jason Bay instead?

I more want to know what we should expect from Fukudome at the plate! I mean, he's supposedly an OBP guy with some slap power ~ something along the lines of Ichiro I imagine. But what if his OBP doesnt carry over (like, say Kaz), will we inturn see a .260/.310/.400 hitter for the next 3 years?

Really, the only thing I keep hearing is "OBP machine" and "Fair defense in CF, good in RF with great arm" ~ what should we really expect as far as a high and low possibility on him...

He's not really a slap hitter at all. He hit .351 with 31 homers in Japan last year.

Fukudome posted a .440-ish OBP with a .290-ish BA. That's pretty impressive. Home run power rarely translates into the MLB, so I expect an Abreu or J.D. Drew type hitter.

Oh, so his OBP comes from taking walks instead of a high BA ~ that’s a real good sign if youre looking for him to translate…

Yeah, was just worried about it being from BA and since the power generally doesnt translate that hot, I was thinking this might be a huge disaster waiting to happen...

The White Sox NEVER win bidding wars. They drop out and complain about the market.

how much does this kind of signing affect a teams revenue?

would some of the money pay for itself?

I definitely wouldn't count the Sox out of the Rowand sweepstakes just yet. Saying that he's out of the picture so definitively is just bad journalism. Especially when there's articles to the contrary with quotes from Rowand himself.

Trying to get rid of that brewcrew12333 scumbag. I have deleted all his comments and banned him but he keeps coming back. IP addresses can be changed.

i'm hoping the cubs do end up with fukudome but i'm sure the teams will be bidding well since they know exactly how many years he wants . i think the winning bidder will have to go 14 million per year , but i'd rather not want hendry to go that high . if he does end up in a cub uniform i hope the batting order looks more like lf soriano, ss theriot , 1b d lee , rf fukudome , 3b ramirez , cf pie , 2b derosa , c soto . true i rather see soriano bat third but unless theriot proves he can be a good lead off guy , or the cubs find a lead off guy it will be soriano . wish the cubs would find a way to pick up figgins to play cf and bat him lead off .


I don't think I would want Soto hitting that low in the order. He probably is going to have more power numbers at the end of the year than theriot, Pie, and probably even DeRosa. I think by the way he hit last year, he should bat after Ramirez in your order, followed by DeRosa and Pie. Just my thoughts.

your probably right on the batting order on soto , but i am having a hard time getting my hopes up on having the best cub catcher since .... can't really say . i have only been watching them since 1980 .

I know Padres' GM Kevin Towers scouted Fukudome as a shortstop in h.s. Hopefully, that relationship will put the Padres in the driver seat to sign him. The Padres could use an outfielder like him, especially if Cameron signs elsewhere. I DO NOT want to see Hairston center field to start the season.

The White Sox wont sign Rowand, unless Rowand truly doesnt care about money that much and loves the White Sox.

KW knows better than anyone Rowand isnt a star, he's a solid player that would fill a hole with a clutch bat, nice player, decent averge. 5 years 50 Million is the tops I could see him going, he isnt big on big contracts, I was shocked to here to he offered Torii Hunter 5 years 75 Million.

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