Mitchell Report Names

Here are some new active players brought to light as users of performance-enhancing drugs by the Mitchell Report.  By the way, they did talk to Jose Canseco.  Note that I left out some of the more public/obvious steroid busts we already know about.

Larry Bigbie (confessed)
Brian Roberts (based on an admission to Bigbie)
Jack Cust (based on an admission to Bigbie)
Rondell White (Kirk Radomski)
Roger Clemens (Brian McNamee)
Andy Pettitte (Brian McNamee)
Gregg Zaun (Kirk Radomski)
Ron Villone (Kirk Radomski)
Miguel Tejada (performance-enhancers provided to Tejada by teammate Adam Piatt)
Mike Stanton (Kirk Radomski)
Stephen Randolph (Kirk Radomski)
Paul Lo Duca (Kirk Radomski)
Eric Gagne (Kirk Radomski)
Matt Herges (Kirk Radomski)
Gary Bennett (Kirk Radomski)
Brendan Donnelly (Kirk Radomski)
Howie Clark (Kirk Radomski)
Nook Logan (Kirk Radomski)
Alex Cabrera (Commissioner’s Office, DEA, clubhouse attendant)

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