State Of The Indians

Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer talked to Mark Shapiro about the Indians’ relatively quiet offseason.  Interesting quote from Shapiro:

Every single major guy that has been traded, with the exception of Johan Santana, we’ve been involved in the conversations.

We knew the Tribe poked their head in on Miguel Cabrera and Dan Haren.  But does this mean they also inquired on Miguel Tejada, Jose Valverde, Nick Swisher, Brad Lidge, Edgar Renteria, Jim Edmonds, and Josh Hamilton?  Hard to say where Shapiro draws the line at "major guy," but he must’ve looked into some of these.

As far as signing C.C. Sabathia long-term, Shapiro said:

I don’t see us ever closing the door.  There’s no reason to do it. Even if he files for free agency, I still think we’ll be an active player.

Anthony Castrovince of notes that the Indians made an initial offer to Sabathia, and that’s all we know for sure.  He believes it’s safe to assume that the Indians are reluctant to give him five guaranteed years.

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