Lofton Turned Down Two Offers

Kenny Lofton tells Ken Rosenthal, "age ain’t nothing but a number."  However, he feels that his age (41 in May) is the reason he’s not getting offers he deems acceptable this winter.  He’s turned down two offers: a minor league one from the Reds and a Major League one from the Rays in excess of $1MM.

Rosenthal suggests Lofton may retire, which would be a shame.  I don’t think fans would think less of Lofton if he played for a million or two; most wouldn’t even know his salary.  As a part-time player with suspect defense, does he really deserve more?  Maybe it was last year’s $6MM salary that was out of line. 

Lofton says his hands are tied.  But the reality is that his pride, rather than a lack of interest in his services, could lead to his retirement.

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