Interest In Helms Lacking

It’s no secret that the Phillies are looking to dish Wes Helms. Problem is, there’s very little interest in the 32-year-old righty infielder. He was given a two-year, $5.45MM contract after a stellar part-time performance in 2006. After a poor 2007, the Phillies signed Pedro Feliz to play third. And, as we know, he was designated for assignment earlier this week.

So where does Helms fit? The immediate suitors aren’t working out too well. Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times says that the Dodgers are impressed by the play of Blake DeWitt, and are not interested in Helms. He also echoes the rumor that the Phillies have offered Helms to Florida and Atlanta. His salary probably prohibits him in Florida, which is sad, since it’s under $3 million, including the buyout of his 2009 option, and the Marlins could probably get the Phils to pick up a fraction of it.

Further, Andrew Baggarly of the the Mercury News reports that the Giants aren’t interested, either. You know something’s wrong when even Brian Sabean isn’t interested in your services.

So maybe the Phils work out a deal with Atlanta or another surprise suitor, but it seems likely that Helms will end up on the free agent market.  Where will he go from there? I can’t think of a team off the top of my head. Anyone out there whose team needs a utility corner infielder who can play the outfield in a pinch?

Posted by Joe Pawlikowski.

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