Have Injuries Knocked Tigers, Indians Out Of Contention?

Frustration continues to mount as both the Indians and Tigers lost a key starter to injury this week. Jeremy Bonderman is out with a blood clot, and Jake Westbrook will undergo Tommy John surgery; both pitchers are likely out for the season.

Since these two teams where once considered favorites to contend for the AL Central crown, it seems highly implausible that they would forfeit the season in early June. So, dear readers, what options do these two teams have? Do they trade for pitching and hope their offenses carry them through? Do they try to spark their offense via free agency? Do they give up and hope for a better 2009?

For one, as an AL exec told Jayson Stark, the Tigers seem to be out of prospects good enough to trade for big league talent.

And the Indians’ pitching has been good enough, but it’s been their inconsistent offense (with a punch-less Travis Hafner in particular) that has them six games out of first.

Arguably, the Indians seem to be the team with the best shot at a comeback, so what’s the plan? Do the Tribe get another bat to replace Hafner? Do the Tigers trade a couple of big names for an arm?

Alejandro Leal writes for UmpBump.com. You can reach him here.

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