Dunn: No Word From D-Backs About Contract For Next Year

Dayton Daily News columnist Hal McCoy checks in from Phoenix, where he’s been following the Diamondbacks-Reds series. McCoy chatted with Adam Dunn before Friday’s game. He asked Dunn if he and the Diamondbacks had talked about a contract for next year and Dunn said, “No, nothing. And I’m not worried about it."

And then the talk turned to Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who recently  told writers the Reds traded Dunn because he was going to ask for between $120 million and $125 million for a new contract.

“Who is he, my agent?” said Dunn. “First and foremost, I would never say anything like that. And if I did the only guy I would have said it to would have been Ken Griffey Jr. But I didn’t say it.

Did you know that Dunn and Griffey were such good friends? I didn’t.

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