Hank Steinbrenner Forming Advisory Group

SATURDAY: Cashman responds to the advisory group comments.  He wouldn’t say whether he wants to return.

THURSDAY: Peter Abraham relays comments Hank Steinbrenner made to the AP today.  Hank will review the entire organization and put together an advisory group for decision-making.  Brian Cashman would still be in charge, but it sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen.  Cashman probably will not want to stay if he loses autonomy.  Speculation is that Cashman could consider the vacancies in Philadelphia or Seattle.

One thing’s for sure – the Yankees are prepared to throw around some cash this winter.  Steinbrenner seemingly has regrets about not acquiring Johan Santana.  As far as the ’09 staff goes, Brian Cashman would have interest if Mike Mussina wants to come back.  Presumably the Yankees would add one or two more free agent starters after Mussina.

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