M’s Unsure About Bedard

The Tacoma News-Tribune’s Ryan Divish is keeping us up-to-date on the status of Erik Bedard‘s shoulder. The lefty had told reporters he felt he had a torn labrum or extensive damage, but after undergoing surgery to remove a cyst, the Mariner’s said there’s no such thing:

Dr. Lewis Yocum removed the cyst from the shoulder and performed a minor minor labral debridement (clean-up of some fraying). But in the search for any major structural damage, none was found.

With the news, Divish thinks Bedard may get to pitch next year and may do so in a Mariners uniform.

Team president Chuck Armstrong, however, wasn’t too enthusiastic about Bedard’s possible return. Speaking to the Seattle Times, he was "deliberately vague:"

"It’s like trying to invest in the stock market," Armstrong said. "If you make a bad stock pick, you don’t go back and … well, some people do, but you have to teach yourself. You don’t hold on to it hoping it’s going to come back. If it’s a bad one, you move on."

According to the Times, it is widely assumed the M’s will tender Bedard a contract, and if he is heatlhy enough to pitch next year they could trade him midseason for prospects.

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