Peavy Rumors: Saturday

I’m giving up and setting up a post to house Jake Peavy rumors, because I keep coming across different variations. I’ll update the post if I come across more as the afternoon goes on. To recap:

  • Buster Olney expects a deal before Thanksgiving.
  • Ken Rosenthal has heard that the Braves are getting tired of waiting, at that yesterday, the Padres discussed just keeping Peavy for themselves. He mentioned the Braves, Cubs, Dodgers and Yankees as still in the running.
  • Brian McTaggart at the Houston Chronicle has reported that the Astros see themselves as out of the running, because the Padres’ price was so high.

Now for the new stuff:

  • Chris de Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times expects a Peavy deal "within the next week" with the pitcher being sent to the Braves, Cubs, or Dodgers: "Those teams are the finalists and, sources say, no other teams will be considered at this point." Not very surprisingly, the three remaining teams are all in the National League.
  • David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a long, detailed post on the prospect package the Braves are putting together to try and acquire Peavy. In the long, detailed post he also quotes verbatim a long, detailed email from Peavy’s agent, Barry Axelrod, clarifying his comments about Yunel Escobar.

There will be more to come, no doubt.

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