Braves Interested In Ankiel, Hart, Hermida

11:15pm: Melvin confirmed to Tom Haudricourt that the Braves inquired on Hart.  However, Melvin has no plans to trade his right fielder.  Also, Melvin rejected Dave O’Brien’s suggestion that the Braves have been connected to Hardy.

9:10pm: Doesn’t sound like the Cardinals would want one of the Braves’ middle infielders for Ankiel.  Instead, they want to get a starter back if they trade an outfielder.

6:41pm: Dave O’Brien says Ankiel makes sense for the Braves, because the Cards are more willing to deal him and the price would be more reasonable.  The Braves also like Raul Ibanez, but not his probable three-year, $30MM+ price tag.

O’Brien is hearing J.J. Hardy‘s name connected with the Braves, making him suspect Yunel Escobar could be on the move.  Keep in mind though that Doug Melvin did not see inclined to move Hardy in his recent comments.

4:28pm: According to’s Mark Bowman, the Braves have Rick Ankiel, Corey Hart, and Jeremy Hermida on the radar (with more interest in the first two).  Bowman doesn’t believe the Braves have much interest in Ryan Ludwick.

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