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Marquis For Vizcaino; Bradley Deal Close?

By Tim Dierkes [December 30, 2008 at 10:00pm CST]

10:00pm: Dave Kaplan of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago says the Cubs are close to a multiyear deal with Bradley that would be announced next week.

7:28pm: Ken Rosenthal confirms what most people are saying--that this deal is close, but not yet official.

7:11pm: Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald calls the deal "possible, but not done yet." Additionally, says Miles, the deal is apparently "more in the Rockies' hands than the Cubs' right now."

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times says a deal is "close," and suggests a Milton Bradley signing may be the next move for the Cubs.

6:20pm: This story has been confirmed by Troy Renck of the Denver Post. 

While the deal likely won't be official until next week, it looks like the Cubs will be paying $1MM of Marquis' salary in 2009. That makes a net reduction of roughly $5MM in payroll for the Cubs.

4:44pm: According to ESPN's Steve Phillips, the Cubs and Rockies are close to a swap of starter Jason Marquis for reliever Luis Vizcaino (saw it scroll across the screen on ESPN2).  Marquis is set to earn $9.875MM in '09, while Vizcaino will make $3.5MM plus a $4MM option for 2010 with a $500K buyout.

Marquis, 30, tossed 167 innings of 4.53 ball in 2008.  He did roughly the same in '07.  Vizcaino, 34, posted a 5.28 ERA in 46 innings.  He dealt with a strained shoulder and later expressed concerns that he didn't pitch enough.  His velocity was up from '07 and he whiffed more than a batter per inning, but he was done in by walks and home runs.  Vizcaino added a DUI to his resume in October.

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Good bye Jason.

Now that the Cubs traded away their potential #5 starter, does that mean their fans are going to start up with the Peavy stuff again?

Damn it - just when I thought it was safe to go back into the waters ofMLBTR....

Uh... we don't have to eat any salary and we get Vizcaino?

Wow. Late Christmas?

I realize Vizcaino had a down year, but 46 IP, 19 BB, 49 K... I'll take a risk on that for 3.5M if we can dump Marquis giant contract. Great deal.

"Now that the Cubs traded away their potential #5 starter, does that mean their fans are going to start up with the Peavy stuff again?"

Doubt it, we're pretty set with starters. I've been hoping Marshall finally gets a real shot for a few years now, and it looks like this could be it unless Shark moves back to the rotation. This is probably clearing the way for a Bradley deal a few days after. I would think the chips would fall in Chicago quickly when this one gets done.

I can only imagine Marquis' ERA at Coors next year if this deal goes through.

Vizcaino did have a down year, but he's also had 4 or 5 above average seasons prior to that. He's very much an all or nothing pitcher who seems to either come across with an 80 ERA+ or a 120 ERA+. Either way, if we save 5M on Marquis, it's hard to argue with the potential!

Great move to dump salary by the Cubs, if they can get it done. It'll be interesting to see if Marquis can put it together out west, but I highly doubt it.

On a side note, how amazing does it rank on a scale of 1-10 that the Cubs actually probably got close to the contract value in performance from Marquis? A 18?

4.60 and 4.53 ERA in two years, if you would have told me that when we signed him, I would have said you were nuts.

Cubbie fans can like this...but now you have Marmol, Gregg and Vizcaino in the pen...they all have trouble controlling the ball. Have fun with that...

LOL @ tolo - we're not allowed to talk about a Peavy deal, but no one cares about Red Sox fans filling 300+ posts up with their pipe dreams of Hanley Ramirez?

Good Bye! Also I think Marquis will probably do alright in Colorado.

Guessing there's some cash headed to Colorado as well.

Looking nice for the Cubbies. I'd say Marquis can do better than most of us expect in Colorado(meaning he wont be a disaster:)

If the Rockies eat up most of Marquis's salary, then it will be a great deal for the Cubs. The Cubs have a lot of pitching depth already, so it will not be that big of a deal for the Cubs anyway. On the Rockies side, it will be interesting to see Marquis pitch half his games at Coors Field. Have fun with that Rockies fans.

Whatever happened to Marquis's old form with the Cardinals from 2004 and 2005? Were both of those seasons for Marquis a fluke? How did Marquis even get that big of a contract from the Cubs coming off a ERA of over 6.00 in 33 starts with the Cardinals? Didn't he get a 4 year contract worth 30+ million?

Yeah, hey Cubs fans- don't assume you're dumping the whole salary difference. No way Colorado does this without being given some cash as well. 2 MM sounds fair.

Cubs prob still pay some of the contract. The cubs should sign dunn not bradley. Dunn will stay healthy and have twice as many HR with more walks. Bradley might have better D but it doesnt do any good if he's hurt.

to i think its a complete swap salery wise.

rockies pay 9.9 million on marquis

cubs pay the 4.5 million on Vizcaino.

so the cubs save 5.5 million dollars.

thats what im guessing

i mean cubs pay 3.5 million

and we save 6.5 million dollars.

Marquis was not as bad as most Cub fans would like to think he was. The cubs did pay way too much for the guy though.

Not a chance, ChiTown. The Rockies are way too cheap to pay that much for Marquis. They have plenty of similar 5th starter options to boot: Smith, Morales, Hirsh, Rusch.

I would have to guess it would be more around 1.25 MM going to the Rox. Anyway if the deal goes through the Cubs are very much so going to have an all or nothing bullpen.

"It'll be interesting to see if Marquis can put it together out west, but I highly doubt it."

Marquis has done a good job the last 2 years keeping his HR numbers down, which is both important and impressive at Wrigley and is even more important at Coors. Just as impressive is his 2.51 career ERA at Coors and the fact that he can club the ball, both of which should help the Rockies. Unlike a lot of pitchers who see their stuff die at Coors, Marquis actually is better there.

"Not a chance, ChiTown. The Rockies are way too cheap to pay that much for Marquis. They have plenty of similar 5th starter options to boot: Smith, Morales, Hirsh, Rusch."

I think the Rockies see Smith and Morales as better than 5th starter material and Marquis is better than Hirsh or Rusch at this point. The price really isn't that bad otherwise, especially if Marquis can keep pitching at Coors as he as in the past.

If the Cubs are this close to moving most or all of Marquis' salary (offset by Vizcaino's of course), then they might be pretty close to picking up an outfielder after that.

Adam Dunn anyone? Or Randy Winn in a trade?

"are the dodgers going to get any pitchers"

Please tell me you are not saying that in relation to Marquis? The Dodgers have guys who are as good or potentially better for $400K in their own system. Guys like Eric Stults and definitely James McDonald are much better choices. Hell, both of those guys are even good hitters too.

"Marquis should hit well in Colorado, however."

That is a funny statement.

"'Marquis should hit well in Colorado, however.'

That is a funny statement."

It is, however, actually true. He has put up a .704 OPS in limited ABs at Coors

Marquis has a 2.51 ERA in 28.2 IP at Coors. Marquis has murdered the Dodgers, Padres, Giants, and the Diamondback. He also has killed them at their home parks, minus the Padres with a ERA above 4.

I know he has done well there. I was not aware of the .704 OPS. It just is funny when the first thing mentioned about a pitcher in Colorado is his hitting abilities there.

If this deal goes down it would be the obvious money saving thing we all knew Hendry was trying to get done. I would be interested how much dough the Rockies are taking on Marquis. The fact Vizcaino had an off year and a recent DUI might be a reason the Cubs are taking the chance and may not have to eat much. Just a thought, we'll see. Vivcaino would be a 1 yr. guy as he is due a raise in '10 and the Cubs have serious budget issues that year, more than '09. He would be a Marquis dump for the 1 yr. stop gap.

Buster Onley said the Cubs would also be sending 4.5 mil to Rocks. Also, he reports the Peavy talks are on as the Cubs are engaged with 2-3 teams about moving DeRosa for prospects to send to the Padres. Also, Bradley-to-the Cubs is almost a certainly. Wow should be interesting next couple of weeks...here we go again.

this is a good deal for both teams...Hopefully it gets done tonight. Marquis has killed the NL West. And we can never have too many bullpen guys. Too bad he isnt left handed.

This trade will make me one happy man.

PS: I'm a Rockies fan.
PSS: I can't wait to get rid of that bum Vizcaino.

hey ART wheres the source????

Marquis will be almost as bad as livan was last yr in colorado

4.5 MM... as a Rockies fan, I'll take that in a second. It's like turning Viz into a mildly capable starter for 2 MM. Sold. I just hope he doesn't block Morales or Hirsh.

Good Riddance...... Marquis was consistent, but the consistancy he gave us was not that great. Sean Marshall can give us better, and who knows maybe Peavy talks open up again or we finally sign Bradley or Dunn.....Hopefully Vizcaino can fill into the roll Howry had and produce better numbers while being owed less!!! Go Cubbies!

What a complete joke. So the Rockies will get a decent starter (no injuries, +10 wins and less hits than innings pitched) who can also hit and will end up paying him around $3-4 million. Meanwhile, the Cubs get an over the hill reliever with an inflated ERA who can't get lefties out at all. This is all there was out there?

Hendry has been making bad moves this entire offseason, besides the Dempster deal. First, he trades Ceda, who was untouchable in the Roberts deal last year, for washed up Kevin Gregg.

Then he lets Kerry Wood go without offering arbitration, crippling our bullpen even further.

Then he tries to trade our third baseman of the future along with all of our other prospects for a pitcher we supposedly didn't have the money for and who we don't need.

Next, he'll sign Milton Bradley with the money he should have signed Wood with, and he'll never play more than 110 games a year.

Now this? They might as well have kept Bob Howry. This team is turning into a complete joke. Hendry seems to be securing our spot in second place next year.

When free agency started, I had a list of RF's, DH's and RP's

#1 on that list was Milton Bradley.

All I want this off season now is the Cubs spending money on a SP and/or signing Dunn so the Rays can get Bradley.

Joyce and Nelson were very nice additions but it just has been foreplay, time to make this happen.

I like what the Denver Post article said:

"The Rockies are going to swap a relief bust for rotation depth".

Like I said, this is going to make our team better? The Rockies are going to laugh all the way to the bank on this one.

I also heard we're "in" on Paul Bako to be our backup catcher. I think it's time to throw in the towel on this season already.

TheGrinch---There are so many things to disagree with you its hard to determine where to start. I certainly understand what its like to be a frustrated cubs fan but this is a great move for the cubs and is going to allow us to off load this contract in order to improve the team in other areas.

Hey, I don't want them to sign Bradley either

Sign a lefty like Dunn, maybe a pitcher like Lowe(I would give Marshall a chance though)

Enjoy them both and I will be a happy man with Bradley at DH on the Rays.

"Buster Onley said the Cubs would also be sending 4.5 mil to Rocks. Also, he reports the Peavy talks are on as the Cubs are engaged with 2-3 teams about moving DeRosa for prospects to send to the Padres. Also, Bradley-to-the Cubs is almost a certainly. Wow should be interesting next couple of weeks...here we go again."

No he didnt say that.

"hey ART wheres the source????"

You wont find one. More cub fan made up nonsense.

"Marquis will be almost as bad as livan was last yr in colorado"

I wouldn't be so sure. Marquis keeps the ball in the park, and doesn't rely as much on a big curve like Livan.

"It just is funny when the first thing mentioned about a pitcher in Colorado is his hitting abilities there."

Hey, it can make a big difference with some guys.

Hate to do this to you Rays fan.. But Bruce Levine had a 6:00 interview on ESPN 1000 that said the following:

"Here's what Levine said:

-Cubs deal with Rockies will happen in next 3-4 days

-Cubs will save 5.5 mil or so

-Peavy deal IS BACK ON

-2 or 3 teams are talking to Cubs about DeRosa

-Could use the money from that to sign milton bradley, which he said is a DONE DEAL and will happen next week

-Next 3-5 days could be the move of DeRosa

-Prospect from that could be added to a deal for Peavy

-Vizcaino may NOT stay with the Cubs: He could be moved again

-Derosa WILL leave

-Hendry is moving money around so we can make these deals happen


Uh, one year hardly makes a reliever a bust. The guy still had outstanding splits. It's a great time to buy low.

does this mean samardzija is ready to move up to the rotation?

the headline is confusing
is the trade closes, like it about to happen?
or is it closed. like the deal fell apart?

Why do I have a feeling Vizcaino is going to fail his physical and this trade is going to fall apart as a result?

Eh, he was my top target, not my only target

Dunn, Burrell, or Giambi please

Or...... we can send some LSD to Andrew Friedman and get him to sign Manny!

I agree with one post that said Marquis is not as bad as made out to be. When compared with other 5th starters, he may be the best. But he was getting paid to much and his salary needs to be moved. But my god is our bullpen going to suck now. Jeez.

I am wondering a few things though

Just yesterday, the rumor was the Cubs are "maxed out"

Also, I thought they wanted a lefty, they should go for Dunn.

Also, my god, Peavy AND Bradley? If that is true, I guess they aren't maxed out......

I hope to god every single thing Levine said in that is false.

For those not in the know, Bruce Levine is a hack from Chicago, much in the same sense thet Phil Rogers and Gordon Wittenmeyer are hacks. Their track record is unbelievably ridiculous in the sense thet pretty much everything they say is wrong. Levine ( like the other hacks I just mentioned) had Brian Roberts to the cubs a done deal ATLEAST twice last offseason. We all know how that turned out. He also had Peavy a done deal to the cubs during the winter meetings. Levine knows about as much as a toad. Take everything this guy says with a grain of salt, in particular the Peavy stuff. He basically sensatinoalizes even the smallest stuff. Marquis will most likely get traded, and unless some other credible sources confirm anything else, completely disregard the gasbag known as Bruce Levine.

Now we're going to get rid of DeRosa too? It just keeps getting worse doesn't it?

If the Peavy trade IS back on, and they are going to get rid of DeRosa as well (both bad moves), then they should do a 3 team trade with the Orioles. How's this?

ORIOLES GET: Hoffpauir (to fill their 1B void in the story above instead of Sexson), Pie, DeRosa.

CUBS GET: Peavy, Brian Roberts.

PADRES GET: Josh Vitters, Ronny Cedeno, Sean Marshall, Mitch Adkins

I like the trade for the Rockies. Depending on the financial part, of course. Marquis should at least add depth to the rotation and is a pretty reliable inning eater. He won't cost too much, and will probably somehow gain type B status after the year.

Sorry but Olney (ESPN Deportes) cited Bruce Levine, and Levine apparently is one of the most respected baseball reporters in the Country...Sorry but apparently Levine doesn't make up stuff...PEAVY back on!

Alright, which is it?

Is this Levine guy a hack or is he a very respected guy?

I hope it's the first part, and I don't know......just haven't heard Bradley to the Cubs rumor in a long time.

Levine is legit. However, Rogers is a fool.

"I hope to god every single thing Levine said in that is false".

Bruce Levineline is an idiot. Odds are very good that everything he says is false.

"Sorry but apparently Levine doesn't make up stuff...PEAVY back on!"

Wrong Art!

Bruce Levine is a clown, just like the other aformentinoed people from Chicago. The truth is that Chicago is starved for some decent baseball writers. Cowley and Deluca are ok, but most of the other guys are goofs who pander to the Chicago "meatball",the type who wants to believe everything said ut the se people's mouths so long as its something that makes the team look good. This is classic Levine in the sense that he gets his audience to buy into this whole idea of the "offseason" world series. As another poster mentioned, with regards to the Peavy and Derosa stuff, unless another source ( in particular outside of Chicago) confirms anything, take it with a grain of salt.


if true then PLEASE bring me Dunn or Burrell

Cubs need to make this happen pay 1MM of his contract. Then sign Dunn. Keep D-ro and let fukudome and reed play CF. Bad D in the corners but speed in CF to make up for it


If you get what you want, I get what I want also.

Unless, of course, someone swoops in and steals Bradley anyway.

I can't see the Rox doing this with just $1 MM in cash thrown in. No way they add more than $5 MM in payroll to get Marquis. Makes no sense.

Bruce Miles is also saying the trade could go down next week. Bruce is legit.

Some are saying the Cubs flip Vizcaino. Maybe so if this goes down. But if you that moving an overpriced Marquis would be hard, an overpriced Vizcaino would be harder. At least Marquis is a solid and maybe best NL 5th starter. He's not great, not horrible like some think. Marquis is just overpaid. If I had to guess, Vizcaino will be with the Cubs for '09. Though I hope they can flip him in a package.

I guess the Shark moves up to the 5th starting slot. Marshall is qualified, but they need a lefty out of the pen besides Cotts. Actually, I hope Shark stays in the pen to not weaken it next year and moves in as a starter in '10.

I prefer a healthy dunn to an injured bradley any day. I would rather replace someone in the outfield for defense at the end of games for dunn, vs. having to play someone in Rt for 70 games because bradley is hurt.


I agree with another lefty in the pen, but don't forget that Hill has to be in the majors or traded, so he has to figure in there somewhere...

"I can't see the Rox doing this with just $1 MM in cash thrown in. No way they add more than $5 MM in payroll to get Marquis. Makes no sense."

I suspect the reports are true the Rockies had it with Vizcaino and want him gone. Hendry would be taking a bad attitude in Vizcaino (along with a recent DUI). Therefore, why give up too much or eat salary. Marquis is coming off a decent year as a 5th starter. Vizcaino is coming off a bad year out of the pen. I'd rather have Marquis over Vizcaino. But if the Cubs save money, I'm for the move. On the Rockies side, they are saving money. One year of an overpaid Marquis (who has had some success at Coors) as opposed to two years of an overpaid Redding. That was their target option besides Marquis. It's win-win if it happens.

Yep, I know Hill's status. I also don't think he sees Wrigley in a Cub uni again. Lou does not think highly of Rich. His numbers and control don't help. The best thing for Hill would be a fresh start with a new team.

The guys out of options like R. Hill, F. Pie and R. Cedeno are not Lou's guys.

this is a fantastic deal for the cubs and rox.they get a solid bottom rotation starter and we get cash relief and a bullpen arm.if they are in fact in on the peavy trade again and sign dunn or bradley,awesome.with dunn or bradley in our lineup and zambrano,peavy,dempster,lilly,and harden rotation,we will be a lock for the NL central.

God Ive herd this before again and again. Thats alot of dominos in a row and I hope as much as possible its true but its the greatest deal for the cubs as they could get except add dunn subtract bradley and its a dream come true.

cubs fans cross your fingers and hope this goes down.
So we have a better chance of getting this gorilla (not a monkey anymore)off of our backs.

i hope we don't trade derosa if we are getting any of the free agents. Dunn and Abreu are over priced outfielders that don't play defense and Bradly will miss most of the season if he signs with the cubs. WE need someone who can sub in at right when kosuke and reed are either playing or not avaiable to sub

I read the articles now and see no mention of the peavy trade talks being back on.
Or anything about bradley being close to a decision.
Much less a thread of derosa being traded for anything.

"Sorry but Olney (ESPN Deportes) cited Bruce Levine, and Levine apparently is one of the most respected baseball reporters in the Country...Sorry but apparently Levine doesn't make up stuff...PEAVY back on!"

Levine is on top of things and is a respected reporter in Chicago. However, ART is a fool. Please don't believe everything you read on these boards. Levine hasn't even been on the radio for a week. There is no such rumor going around. Ignore Art.

He was on ESPN 1000 today.

"He was on ESPN 1000 today."

If he was I didn't hear him. And if he really did say anything about that rumor it would be on every update. I've heard enough of them today to know Art is BS'ing.

Raysfan I agree Bradley fits the AL a lot better than the NL. He might stay healthy if he is a DH the last 2-3 years of his contract.

Dunn fits the Cubs well. He knows the centrals pitching and is the lefty bat the need. it would give Lee a chance to bat lower in the order and maybe that would bring a little bit of his power back with less pressure.

Seems likely Levine had several radio updates today (based on emails I've received). But, as I have not heard his exact words I have not posted on it.

Well, if the deal goes down the Rox add another LH bat for the bench. Marquis can rake.

I recommend trading for Vizcaino and subsequently releasing him.

"I recommend trading for Vizcaino and subsequently releasing him."

I 2nd that!

Cubs fans, you aren't getting Jake Peavy. Even if Marquis is traded, that move only frees up money to MAYBE sign and outfielder. So, you still don't have the money and you definitely still don't have the prospects to trade for Peavy. It's not happening. He will be the Padres' Opening Day starter.

Gotta kill that link unfortunately...I am keeping all radio report info off the site unless I hear the report myself or talk to the reporter directly. Too much room for error.

Comcast link works but links to Cubs blogs transcribing radio reports do not. Can only use Levine stuff if there is listenable audio for it (or if he updates his blog).

Vizcaino is a scrub, he was with the Sox in 05 and hasn't gotten any better, I really don't know who would want him so I really can't see him being flipped. Marquis seems to be the product of unrealistic expectations, the guy hovers around a 4.50 era which for a 5th starter is great IMO. I can't see the Peavy trade happening, especially with the Cubs refusing to put Marshall in the deal. I don't think Vitters plus any Pie or any of those guys is going to get Peavy

Couple of nice moves once they are official. We just need to get our RFer before anything else is done.

Exactly, one step at a time.

"Also, if the Sox didn't win the World Series in '05, would the Carlos Lee for Podsednik and Vizcaino be the worst trade of the past 5 years?"

I don't like calling people names but only a moron would think this trade is the worst in the past 5 years. Considering Podsednik defined "Ozzie Ball" and the amount of bases he stole that season, he was a huge reason the White Sox won in '05. Did you not watch that World Series when Scotty hit "The HR"? If they didnt win the World Series that year it still wouldn't affect it figuring they won 99 games.

Pods definately set the tone in '05. The White Sox won on pitching and bashing the ball out of the park. Sorry, 'Ozzie Ball' in 2005 is more myth than reality.

I think Bradley will be traded in the last yr of his contract to an AL team as he is someone that will need to DH - in fact I bet he will during inter league play. Soriano and Bradley and Ramirez - good pop in the lineup. Can the Cubs escape the curse ?

This could be the start of something for the Cubs. Marquis is a decent 5th starter but not at $9 millon a year. By geting Vizcaino this allows the Cubs to put Samardzjia or Marshall in the rotation as the #5. Letting Kerry Wood go was a tough but good move, he will become a journeyman reliever while battling injuries (Eric Gagne). As for trading Vitters being our future 3rd baseman that still is at least 3 years away and still unproven. Rememeber Bobby Hill and He Sop Choi??? They were th 1B and 2B of the future several years back. I hope they dont have to trade DeRosa for prospects as he is probaly 1 of the best utility players in the game who can start everyday. Getting Milton Bradley would be good he has speed and is a switch hitter, last year he was incident free (except for when tried to go after a reporter. I feel that he might have "grown up" a lot after his run in with the ump almost cost him his career, additionally Pinella is the right manager for him.

i'm just hearing about this this morning, so i've got a couple of thoughts...first, love the marquis'vizcaino deal. marshall deserves a shot at the rotation, and i think shark is going to get one as well. marquis had to be moved, and for a veteran reliever? i'm all for it. vizcaino obviously isn't the greatest, but he's helping us shed marquis' contract and that's ok in my book. second, bradley's upside is the best of any of the guys the cubs have discussed, and i'm ok with that. if he gets hurt or blows a gasket, the it won't be devastating. i have no doubt that the cubs will have room financially to add during the season if necessary. i'm sure it's already built into their budget. and if it isn't, as bad as fukudome was the second half, the cubs were still the class of the NL in the regular season, he can easily go back to right field, leave reed in center and you basically have the same lineup as last year, minus edmonds. if bradley gets hurt, it's not crippling for the cubs. and if he's healthy, wow, that lineup is scary. you can also sub him out late in games if you have a lead to try and save him as much as possible. and as for the peavy stuff, i am completely indifferent about it. i spent way too much time speculating last time about it, and i don't want to do that again. i'll believe it when i see it. the only thing i'll say is if it costs derosa, and i'm not in favor of it.
as a side note, has anybody noticed that those yambags at the tribune haven't published a word about any of this? what, are they on vacation already? bruce miles of the daily herald, probably the best cubs beat writer out there (which admittedly isn't saying much), has posted some stuff on this, but yet phil rogers, sully, and dave van dyck haven't said a word. i suppose it's probably a good thing they haven't, considering some of the drivel they've published in the past, but they still cover baseball for the paper that owns the team in question, and not one drop of ink spilled on it. i shouldn't be surprised, though, sully's been mailing it in all offseason. there's a reason newspapers are in dire straits...

The marquis contract was heavily back loaded and that is why his 3rd and final year of his contract is so obscenely high.
Marquis signed a 3 year 21 mil dollar contract 2 years ago.
So its only fair that the cubs pay some of his 09 contract obligation ,but I am extremely surprised that the cubs only have to pay 1m or less of his 09 salery. While picking up a junk overpriced reliever on this deal is also only fair.

i know people call him millie, so i feel bad for the reporters who have to listen to that lil wayne song.

Oh and by the way heres a link for a case to why the cusb should sign or shouldnt sign him. Take a look


gunsnascar, why are you surprised that the Cubs only have to pick up $1 million of Marquis salary? Look at it from the Rockies standpoint, they dump a reliever who most Rockie fans think was a bum, and they're essentially paying about $5.5 million for Marquis, which is under what his market value would be. So essentially they're adding by subtracting Vizcaino and they're getting a league average starter fairly cheap. Not a bad deal. The anti-Cub crowd might think the Rockies are getting screwed but they're only looking at it from their prospective of not liking the Cubs.

To everyone out there: We Cubs Fans have waited over 100 years. Im tired of the everyone saying that Peavy is a bad deal? How can you say that? CY Young quality pitcher. Derosa needs to go so we can add Fontenot into the lineup (left handed bat)maybe 15-20 homers a year in the 7 or 8 hole? As for Milton Bradley, he may only play 110 games but we are missing that club house presence that would be a "swagger" Coach Lou would be a great coach for Milton. Remember Lou was a teammate of Reggie Jackson. Most errogant player in the game when he first started playing. Lou can handle it all. Put away your kleen nexes and bring out the "bubbly" WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS 2009 CHICAGO CUBS!!!


I like the Marquis for Vizcaino deal for the Rox. Gives up pen depth, but adds another starting pitcher into the mix. And, he's not good at his contract, but Vizcaino is worse at his. Marquis is EASILY worth 5MM more than Vizcaino. Although there's now a logjam in the rotation (even if Morales and Reynolds start off in AAA), someone will place themselves out of it.

Assuming Cubs rotation is now Zambrano-Harden-Dempster-Lilly-Marshall. I don't think the Cubbies add Peavy. The Cubs just turned one of their biggest strengths into a big weakness. You have a guy who just got back into starting in '08 after being a reliever for years and a guy who is VERY injury prone. And, no depth to back up the guys with the exception of Gaudin, who is injury prone himself.

I just pray that Bradley NEVER sets foot on sacred Wrigley Field in an even more sacred Cubs uniform. I've had my fill of highly-talented-often-injured star players (sorry about your luck San Diego).

PLEASE sign Dunn. We have plenty of defensive outfield depth off the bench to cover for him and Soriano in the late innings. It's the bats we need and Dunn has been nothing short of prodigious in his games in the friendly confines. His bat from the left side for a full season would be SICK!

As a Cub fan and Rockies fan who saw Vizcaino many times last year, I don't think he plays more than 10 games before Lou sends him packing for Iowa. He makes Bobby Howry look like a superstar. The Rockies are definitely getting the better end of this trade.

I personally know that the vizcaino for marquis deal is official, i just met him and his agent at the tampa international airport. His agent agent told me he was just traded today.

He flies Jet Blue! lol

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