Jake Peavy Rumors: Monday

Barry M. Bloom of MLB.com believes a Chicago Cubs sale could catalyze a trade between the Cubs and the San Diego Padres — a trade that would include 2007 NL Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy heading to the Cubs.

Bloom notes that neither team has re-engaged the topic, but sources suggested the move looks like a matter of when, not if, based on various developments.

As part of the deal, San Diego could get Garrett Olson, the starting pitcher the Cubs just obtained from the Orioles in a trade for left fielder Felix Pie. The Padres had “identified” Olson as a possible component when the teams extensively talked during the Winter Meetings.

Though it may seem improbable for the ownership situation to get cemented by Opening Day (April 5), Commissioner Bud Selig said that baseball would work expeditiously to get it done by then, Bloom wrote.

A Peavy trade would address a priority for the Padres to acquire promising young prospects in return for expensive veteran players, Bloom added.

Peavy is owed $11MM for 2009. He is owed another $52MM in a deal that runs through 2012 and includes a club option for 2013. The option is for $22MM with a $4MM buyout.

Last season, Peavy went 10-11 with 166 strikeouts and a 2.85 ERA. He also spent time on the disabled list.

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