Beimel Discouraged By Weak Market

Free agent left-hander Joe Beimel told’s Ken Gurnick Tuesday that he has spoken with 16 teams this offseason, but none have made "an offer worth accepting."

"It’s a good sign when a club calls, but in this market, you can’t get optimistic just because a club calls," Beimel said. "A lot of teams say they’re interested, but turning words into action hasn’t happened. It’s been strange... I put up good numbers three straight years, I’m durable. Usually that means you get a good contract, but it just hasn’t happened this year. It’s just really weird. I haven’t even had a reasonable offer to negotiate with. I don’t want to sign just to sign. It’s definitely discouraging, but you’ve got to deal with it. I’ll just wait it out."

The Dodgers contacted Beimel’s agent Tuesday afternoon, and the Phillies are also thought to have some level of interest.

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