What Will The Braves Do Now?

Now that the smoke has cleared on this whole Ken Griffey Jr. mess, it seems like a good time to discuss how the Braves will react to missing their mark.  It’s pretty clear that the club wants to add a power-hitting lefty.

Will they step up talks with the Yankees in order to land Nick Swisher?  How about Jim Edmonds?  The guy hit .256/.369/.568 with 19 home runs and 49 RBI in just 250 at-bats for the Cubs last season, and he still brings a decent glove.  Plus, he’d be cheap.  Garret Anderson?  It seems like most Braves fans around these parts don’t like the man, but his offensive production is solid.  Luis Gonzalez?  The seemingly forgotten 41-year-old hit .261/.336/.413 in ’08.  He’s another inexpensive option.

What say you, MLBTR community?  Channel your inner Frank Wren.  Even without Griffey, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports considers the Braves much-improved.

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