Toronto Eyeing Orlando Cabrera?

SUNDAY, 5:15pm: According to Blair, the Blue Jays have discussed the possibility of swinging a "sign-and-trade" deal with the White Sox for Cabrera.

If you’re looking for a refresher on what exactly a "sign-and-trade" deal is, check out Ken Rosenthal and La Velle E. Neal III’s explanations.

SATURDAY, 4:45pm: In a post for The Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair writes about the Blue Jays’ rumored interest in Orlando Cabrera. According to Blair, "The Blue Jays interest in Cabrera extends back for a few seasons."

Blair says the Jays would need to clear some payroll before signing Cabrera. He expects the Jays to trade both Scott Rolen and Lyle Overbay, and depending on how things go this spring, perhaps include a young arm like Brandon League‘s to "sweeten" the deal. Certainly, freeing up payroll would be an incredible achievement in this economy.

Whether it’s Orlando Cabrera or someone else, Blair says, "there is a sense among some baseball people that the Blue Jays quiet off-season has ended."

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